Joss Mooney Bares All.

We admit we can be quite the Instagram 'stalker' when we want to be and our latest obsession is Joss Mooney. We strolled across his Instagram the other evening and have been hooked ever since.

If you havent heard of Joss, you are missing out and if you havent checked out his Instagram, you defiantly should. It is fully loaded with Joss's perfectly chiseled abs and bulging biceps that anyone would love to have wrapped around them.  

joss mooney


So, who is he?

Mooney is a 29-year-old fitness model and personal trainer from Manchester. He was crowned Model of the Year at a pageant back in 2012  and then since gone on to do reality TV such as 'Life in Marbs', which unfortunately flopped and got canceled half way through. He then went onto appearing in the popular MTV show Ex On The Beach. Thought you recognised his erm, face? The toned hunk didn't win the show but won fellow reality TV star and Im a Celebrity winner Vicky Pattison’s heart and the pair went on to date for a while after filming the show had finished. Rumour has it the pair split shortly after and Joss claimed Vicky was a 'a crazy drunk'  Vicky  quickly got her own back by claiming that he is “shit in bed.” Ooo BURN! 

We find it hard to not imagine Joss wearing some Box Menswear briefs...

Here are some of Joss's instagram posts, as he is a personal trainer its no shock that there is enough 'gymspiration' to get you up squatting, lunging, planking and somewhat drooling all over your phone screen.


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Current condition check ✔️ (88kg) - My current goal is to be fitter, faster, leaner and as healthy as possible for 2018. So many people in todays society feel the pressure to look aesthetically pleasing for other people or “the gram”. I used too, I’ve been that meat heat down the gym, damaging my body, lifting big weights with bad techniques to boost my ego, to get a pump for my next Insta pic. Here is me today, flat as a pancake after running a 6 mile run this morning whilst at @iain_reitze_prestige_boot_camp and feeling great inside and out. I want to encourage you to start training/dieting for yourself & your health, in which you’ll feel SO much better physically and mentally. Not crash dieting & hitting up the gym with bad form because you have a holiday in a week or two, make it a lifestyle and it will become a second nature. - What’s your goal for 2018?! Get started with one of my Personalised Plans NOW 50% off for January!! - See link in bio for more info 👉🏼 @jossmooney - #fitness #fitspo #fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #motivation #transformation #body #fitlifestyle #gym #diet #sale

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Can we please be that puppy? 🐶

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