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Jujubee in purple

Slaying all the way - Jujubee stuns in purple


Toxic fandom is a bizarre concept. We can, of course, understand how people can be displeased with how a TV show progresses or if an artist is taking ages to release a new record, but taking things to the next level and actually abusing people online is a different story altogether.


Death drops, not threats 


We ALL know that the online realm can be toxic. Review-bombing movies or games fans have not even seen or played because they disagree with some of the creative decisions is sadly par for the course nowadays as tragic as that is. Having a difference of opinion is a vital part of the human experience but faceless judgement to hurt the success of a project or an individual is a disgraceful practise. The worst, of course, are death threats but you’re nobody if you’re not getting death threats these days!


 jujubee pink dress crown

Looking like a very sparkling Jujubee on Instagram.


Jujubee said: “Well I must be somebody because I’m getting them. I’m getting it all! But I’m in such a great spiritual place and it’s really interesting though to ride this happiness through all the noise and I’m still at peace. I’m just excited, we’re queer people, doing something we love and people are watching. You know. And now I get to be in this theatrical show. (Juju is starring in Death Drop on the West End) I would say the number one drag murder mystery in the entire world but that’s just my opinion, it’s really cool because everything I prayed for as a child I’m living now. I always and do the in theatre and I get to do it, and honestly one of my first theatre moment is this.”


jujubee blue top

Beauty in blue - Jujubee always looks like a snack.


Speaking about her time on RuPauls Drag Race UK Vs The World, she was asked - Did you bring a back-up character for Snatch Game when you did Cher? “No that was it. Everybody else had all these options and I just came in and said, this is what I’m doing! That’s the thing, like I said I found myself in this spiritual centredness where if things don’t go the way I wanted them to I just immediately accept it. I’m only in control of how I respond and react and most of the time it’s non-reactivity I practise.”


Shady lady


And you won your THIRD reading challenge! “I’m really shady for that but I did win that reading challenge. I write them that morning in the van. If you remember that first episode I was taking notes, I was taking notes on everybody. I just used those notes. And funny sorry I didn’t have Janet’s read until 20 seconds before. I was like Holland, Amsterdam, what do they do there? Tulips, and that’s when it came to me. Oh my gosh this is perfect - you know!”

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