Justin Gatlin's Jockstrap in the 2012 Olympics

Olympian Justin Gatlin shows it all off for us in the iconic 2012 Olympics. We all remember that year that England won 29 gold medals, 17 silver and 19 bronze. But did you see James Gatlin’s juicy jockstrap? Take a look if you missed out…

Jockstrap Snap

Justin Gatlin Showing Off His Jockstrap

Justin Gatlin at the 2012 Olympics with his back turned away from the camera as he handles confrontation with a fellow Olympian. From behind we can see the lining of Justin’s jockstrap through his sports unitard. 

Well isn’t this a sight for sore eyes. An amped up young gymnast with his muscles bulging out of his super tight unitard. His shoulders, biceps and booty are doing it for us. Thank goodness he got his act straight since testing positive for amphetamine in 2001.

Thanks To All My Fans

Justin Gatlin thanking his fans as he wins mens 100m race

Justin Gatlin making a hand gesture to the audience as if to say ‘cheers’ for the support after he’d just won the mens 100m race.

We’re loving this shot of Justin in his lyrca shorts as we’re able to see his package poking out. This, accompanied with his thigh muscles that are just bursting out of his one piece is delicious.

Check Him Out in Action

Justin Gatlin shows pectorals and nipples as he runs against De Graasse

Here we can see Justin Gatlin looking determined to beat the Olympian next to him in a sprint race.

That’s not what we’re focusing on. Our eyes are drawn to his bulging pectorals and hard nipples. If you look closely, we can also see his penis through his tight shorts – is only his shorts were a different colour so we could see more.

Picking Up The Pace

Justin Gatlin giving it everything he's got to win race against fellow olympians

Justin Gatlin taking a large stride with great determination amongst his opponents in the middle of a big race.

Just look at those biceps. Justin is carved like a god and is an Olympian champion. Going for golf as usual, James is a great inspiration and good example for athletes across the globe!

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