Kardashian Kar Krash – Heading towards Divorce?

kim kardashian and kanye west looking couply 

In happier times, Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West


Opinions veer wildly from god-like devotion to downright hatred for the Kardashians but whether you think they are beauty and business gurus or insufferable air horns, their influence is as far reaching as their bank balances.


When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West first got together, celebrity watchers were sceptical that the match would last. What could this big bootied reality star possibly have in common with this self-proclaimed musical genius? Shameless self-promotion for one.


Match made in Hollywood 


Kim K first came to our attention as Paris Hilton’s assistant and her dad Rob Kardashian had a kind of infamy stemming from being O.J. Simpson’s lawyer in one of the court cases of the 20th century. Cut to Kim appearing legs akimbo in a ‘leaked’ sex tape and the rest is history with her entire family living their lives in the public eye and making a mint in the process.


kim on the red carpet

Woman in gold, Kim K back when we could do things


With the world in turmoil, people are loving a juicy bit of gossip to take their minds off the not-insignificant-already horrors of 2021. Unsurprisingly it’s looking like Kim and Kanye’s relationship is at last coming to an end after seven years with reports that they are about to get a divorce.


It’s no secret that they’ve been on the rocks for quite a while. We’ve seen candid shots of her crying ad arguing with him, she’s spoken about his mental health problems and they apparently spent Christmas separately, her in L.A. with her family and him at his ranch in Wyoming.


Trouble in paradise 


So far, so predictable. This is where it gets interesting however. Whilst America faces some of its biggest problems in modern memory, the internet was abuzz with the rumour that Kanye West had been having a secret affair with none other than Jeffree Star.  


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Star, 35, he is a particularly controversial character from YouTube and beyond. Gender fluid make up mogul Jeffree has had feuds with everyone under sun, including Kim and her sister Kylie Jenner. Which makes this story extra painful if it ends up being true.


jeffree star instagram post about Kanye

Jeffree Star in his usual understated garb


As far-fetched as it may seem, Jeffree certainly isn’t averse to fanning the flames of the rumour as either it’s true or even if it’s not he gets column inches all over the world. Posted a pic on his socials with multi-coloured hair, flawless make up and a pink robe with the caption ‘I’m ready for Sunday Service’, a very unsubtle reference to Kanye’s weekly Christian gathering of the same name complete with gospel choir.


Not only did he drop that hint but also put up a gorgeous snap of an open road in, you guessed it, Wyoming. Kim and Kanye’s relationship maybe coming to an end and whether this rumour turns out to be true or not (neither side has confirmed or denied), it sure makes for a good distraction!

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