King Fit Evo: The new Nude

If you are familiar with us, you will know of the extreme comfort that is our King Fit range. If you are new and not hip to King Fit yet, it is essentially how a boxer should fit and feel.


King of the World

Comprised of a combination of cotton and organic bamboo cotton. King Fit feels absolutely amazing and comes in a variation of short/long leg and regular or transparent crotch. You can make style meet sexy with whatever selection you choose. 


King Fit lives up to its name and really is fit for a king. 

The question is, how do we improve on perfection? We proudly present to you the King Fit Evo: Nude



Nude is the new Black

The first thing that strikes you is the bulge. Your package will be on display, and the beauty of those who glaze upon its glory. The OG King Fit was well renowned for how well it accentuated your package, but the newest iteration really takes the cake. Young hunk Matt Luscious displays this here - teasing his well endowed member. When you finally manage to avert your eyes from the penis, you will notice the vibrant colour. King Fit has never looked so stylish and sexy in this tasteful and sultry nude, complete with a thick black waistband that is guaranteed to turn heads.



As you can see with the cute model Mojib, it’s not just the bulge that King Fit Evo enhances. All of them squats and tiresome leg days will be worth it, with the boxer showing off your shapely thighs and peachy behind. The bamboo material used will lift your ass and be a sight to behold.

Showcasing your best assets, the King Fit Evo will make you feel your sexy best and ready to conquer the world.



Although extremely sexy and stylish, don't get it twisted, these were designed with everyday comfort in mind. Composed of elastane and ultra soft modal cotton King Fit Evo hugs your bum, caresses your crotch and is guaranteed not to ride up your leg causing discomfort and chafing. These are truly a perfect marriage of style and comfort.


Take a seat upon your rightful throne and feel like a King amongst men.



Available in sizes XS to XXL

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