Fitness Model Liam Jolley Opens Up To His Followers

Liam Jolley is a body builder and a frequent model for our BOX menswear line. Last week there was a huge cause of concern for Jolley and his well being when he posted a frantic instagram live urging his followers to call the police for him as he claimed someone was chasing him with a knife, trying to stab him and kill him. 

liam jolley instagram

Clearly this came as quite a shock for all of his followers, especially due to the fact that Jolley had not posted any updates on the situation. However, that all changed when the Instagram star posted a live this Tuesday 25th explaining everything in detail... Jolley starts out with the statement that he "would like to apologise for last weeks video."

The rest of the live we did not expect. He continues on to say that over the last 6 months he has gone into a downwards spiral, and has involved himself in "drugs, partying, and sex" and this new lifestyle has had a huge affect onto his life and those who he is close to, and that he has has been "crazy and selfish."

Jolley started to fill in the blanks of his last instagram video and what actually happened. He started to explain that he was not himself, and the drugs and partying had got to him in a way he had not expected, causing him to hallucinate. "I had a break down, I was seeing things, and I thought it was all real that I was being attacked," Liam exclaimed, “your mind can show you things that aren’t real, you choose to believe it’s real." He made it clear that he wanted to be real about everything that was going on saying "that’s where people go wrong, by not talking about it," and it's not fair to his followers, exclaiming "I am supposed to be inspiring people on instagram, when deep down I am doing the complete opposite."

Noticeably distressed about the situation, Liam makes it clear that none of his followers should worry about him and that he's doing much better now, is continuing to strive for improvement and hoping to take control back over his life. He adds that he feels extremely blessed to have people in his life that care about him, saying "thank you to my family and friends for supporting me and helping to pull me out of the lifestyle" and that he is lucky to have that kind of positive support around him. We are with you Liam, we are supporting you on your journey and hoping you feel better!

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