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Doesn't he make a lovely couple! Lil Nas X's in GQ (pic Instagram)


It’s been a momentous year for Lil Nas X. He birthed his debut album Montero which spawned the hits Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and Industry Baby and just this weekend he won Best Video for the former at the MTV European Music Awards.


As if that wasn’t enough he was also honoured with his own annual day in Atlanta on October 20th with which forevermore be known as Lil NAs X Day. If that’s not an excuse for a big gay party we don’t know what is.


Considering Old Town Road came out 3 years ago, Lil Nas X’s transition to bonafide queer ICON is now complete and this week he also became the cover star of men’s fashion and lifestyle bibles GQ. In an in depth interview he spoke on a variety of topics like being an influencer and indeed a celebrity in this day and age where it’s more of a commodity than ever before with young people even just seeing fame as a career path.


lil nas x in pink dress


Lil Nas said: “There’s a new age of celebrities, and I don’t think a lot of people are comfortable with it. But I think it’s great. I feel like it’s knocking down the walls. I feel like anybody can be a celebrity. I know a lot of people see that as a bad thing, but people have to work harder to stay in this place”


Montero a go go


Obviously Lil Nas X knows that fame is transient, even for pop stars these days. To continually reinvent yourself and be relevant is harder than ever, you only need to ask the likes of Katy Perry or even Lady Gaga for that matter. The fast paced world of what’s hot and what’s not goes by at such a breakneck speed that it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse.


GQ cover with Lil Nas X

Double trouble- - Lil Nas X and friend on GQ cover


Even Lil Nas X got a taste of that when after an enormous advertising campaign for the album, it didn’t hit the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. When asked if this had affected him, he admitted: “I did feel like that. Then I got out of it, and all I thought about was how blessed I am. About where I was three years ago. Nobody even thought that I would be here. Everybody was like, “One-hit-wonder this, one-hit-wonder that.” And now it’s amazing that my competition was Drake.”


Unique star power


I mean, you know you’ve made it when Drake and Nicki Minaj are not only your competition but also your peers. Lil Nas talked about how he wanted them to appear on his album, which of course would have been some spectacular collab action! He said: “I didn’t ask them directly. I wanted Nicki on “Industry Baby,” and I wanted Drake on “Dolla Sign Slime,” with Megan [Thee Stallion]. Yeah, but you know, I feel like things always work out. Jack Harlow ended up being, like, the best option. I’m not sure how comfortable Nicki would have felt with that video or whatnot.”


lil nas X in drss and in suit

Showing that a boy in a dress is something to aspire to


He talked a little bit too about what it’s like to be Lil Nas X, detailing vital self-care and what he thinks about what the future holds for him and his work. He says: “I’m just excited for the future. Just setting habits for myself. Handling things differently. You know, I love self-help books. They genuinely help. I’m setting systems for myself instead of goals: working out more and whatnot. Trying to improve my stamina onstage. I’m back to drinking this water. In the studio a lot. Always trying to experiment and try new things and never try to make the same song over again. Yeah, all of that.” 


What we all really want to know about is dating! With such an overtly sexual image and lyrics that would made a nun cry, you’d think he was putting it about all over town but he says quite sensibly: “I started actually dating my last boyfriend this past year, who I’m still on really good terms with. I love him to death. He’s the best. I feel it was the most serious relationship I’ve ever had.


Don't they make a lovely couple? Lil Nas X and Lil Nas X


The perils of dating a musician would not be lost on us but a successful one would probably be a nightmare, he talked about what went wrong and why as well: “It’s a responsibility. I’ve been wanting somebody for so long and wanting somebody to love for so long, but it’s a real responsibility. And you have to give this person your time. And I like to go missing for like a week to focus…not talk to anyone and focus on myself. And I’m more in love with what I’m doing than people.”


 No time for love


And what about social media? Just in case we wanted to slide into his DMS….he says cheekily: “My DMs are all out of order. Which is lucky, because I do get horny and I’m like, “Let’s see who’s the hottest person in this thing.” But you know, luckily I don’t really do that. I only did that once, maybe.”


And what about Grindr?? “No, I can’t do Grindr anymore. I’d get murdered. I’d literally probably get murdered.”


The full interview can be found in the new issue of GQ and on their website

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