Lil Nas X Stuns At BET Awards 2021

lil nas x in strappy white gown

Gay kissing in the USA - Lil Nas X on the red carpet at the BET Awards 2021


Lil Nas X has not only given a career defining performance at this year’s BET Awards, he has clapped back at those criticising his big gay smooch right at the end of the show.


Queer rapper, who defines himself as gay, Lil Nas X has made 2021 his own, becoming an icon with his out and out defiance of rap and country music conventions. We even discussed it HERE.  


This weekend he attended the BET Awards 2021 at Microsoft Theater on June 27 in Los Angeles, California and man did he attend.


lil nas x in gown on red carpet

Giant culottes or a turn of the century gown, you decide.


Lil Nas not only rocked one iconic look on the red carpet but TWO, both gender fluid and completely fabulous.


First on the proverbial runway there was a white and blue patterned David Bowie/Marie Antoinette-inspired gown that looked like he was either from another planet (maybe not Mars but you never know) or renaissance France with a low-cut top bearing his enviable pecs and white straps to keep the whole thing up. After a quick-change Lil Nas was channelling his country roots with a stunning embroidered fitted suit with giant flares that went on forever. 


lil nas x on red carpet in flared suit

Flare today, gone tomorrow - Lil Nas X in his second lewk on the red carps


Nothing could prepare the BET Awards audience for what was about to happen however. With a set that Lady Gaga would have been proud of, Lil Nas X embarked upon and epic rendition of his über hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name) but there was something all too familiar about this background music and the whole style ethic.


The giant impeccable ancient Egyptian themed back drop screamed only one thing, a seamless mash-up of Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and Michael Jackson’s legendary music video for Remember The Time with a perfectly choreographed dance routine to match.


lil nas x backstage in Egyptian costume

Chillinand relaxin back stage at the BET Awards


Lil Nas X swished through his moves like he was Janet Jackson on a good day, with a swathe of professional dancers, all muscled up, loincloth wearing hot black men. He hit every step, MJ would have been proud.


Then something happened that will go down in BET Awards history, he passionately kissed one of his dancers. More than a few people have compared the move to when Madonna controversially snogged Britney Spears AND Christina Aguilera back at the MTV Awards 2013 but this was man feeling the vibes of Pride, secure in his sexuality and fully prepared for any backlash that might come his way.


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