Long Haired Hotties - How Long Is Too Long?

Long haired model topless

Yes ok then, long hair can definitely work on the right guy...


Long hair on guys has always been a bit of a bone of contention when it comes to the gays. In our often futile mission to appear masculine or prioritise masculinity, hair has been the one of the markers you can control. A short shaved ‘do is less trouble and gives the impression that perhaps you’re a marine or in the army if you squint your eyes and don’t say anything.


Length does matter 


So lustrous lengthy locks are more likely to be associated with your fey fops, your science fiction nerds and the rock/metal heads as opposed to a gay guy swishing his shiny tresses down Old Compton St because he’s worth it.  


Model Kevin Creekman topless with loads of tatts

Kevin's driving us up the creek, man


More recently the man bun brigade has taken over this long hairy mantle. Male grooming has taken off exponentially into a multi-billion-pound industry with that greasy haired student look replaced by a blow dried, conditioned bouncy mane with an impressive beard to match.


Lengthy locked lovers


We've lusted over the likes of Aquaman himself Jason Momoa in the past and had a crush on him even when he had dubious sexual morals back in Game Of Thrones. Now there's a whole niche for guys with flowing locks and bulging muscles and we're here for it in a big way!


You don’t have to go far on Instagram to find pages and pages dedicated to these surly specimens. In fact, the handy ‘Explore’ function suggests a great deal of them if you start looking. @longhairgentlemen @longhaireddreams @longhairvikings the list goes on (and on).


Brock O'Hurn topless with flowing hair on the beach

Get out the Tangle Tease, Brock's locks need de-knotting


Rather than being a hairy bush man, these are well groomed, muscled up stallions. Highlights include Kevin Creekman, the German model and tattooed unit who’s racked up over a million followers on Instagram. Another highlight (who may or may not have highlights) would be Brock O’Hurn who has even more followers at 2.5 million and is a model and fitness trainer.


Hitting the mark 


These guys have a very ‘straight’ demeanour but are also inclusive and err on the ‘right’ side of politics and lifestyle. Be it climate or self-care, these guys are not only gorgeous but also tread the perfect line to make them palatable to all. They hit all the right spots, both looks-wise and in approachability that hold the torch for ‘woke’ men that woo the world with their lengthy barnets.


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