Luke Evans – Hot, Gay, Talented and Single?

Luke Evans on instagram in the gym black cap and muscles blue vest

We abs-solutely approve of Luke's gym game


We certainly aren’t ones to cheer when a couple breaks up. Heart ache can be a terrible debilitating thing but when a hottie comes back on the market after being away for some time, it’s ok to get just a little excited.


A lot of people don’t even know that Welsh actor Luke Evans is gay at all, although he doesn’t hide it in the slightest. The star of massive Hollywood hits like The Hobbit and The Beauty & The Beast (where he played so-macho-he-must-be-gay character Gaston) has never felt the need to broadcast his sexuality.


Happy ending?


Last year Luke, 41, shared a rare snap of himself and then boyfriend Rafa Olarra but thigs looked like they had hit a rough patch recently with the dreaded ‘unfollow’ button being pushed by both of them on Instagram.  Nothing says ‘we’ve broken up’ like removing cosy couple pictures from your main feed, something Luke did in October.


luke evans and boyfriend rafa olarra topless 

Boys that lay together, stay together...or not


Evans said in an interview a few years ago that people used to not believe he was gay when he hung out in gay bars and it got us thinking what sort of gay bars are there that have the likes of Luke Evans downing pitchers of Sex On The Beach and dancing to Britney Spears? Ok well maybe not the last part but nevertheless, you don’t see such ‘A’ grade talent down our local we can assure you. After a few pitchers though, everyone starts to look like Luke Evans.


Breaking stereotypes


Hollywood is notorious for its stars being very cagey about their sexualities. The notion that you can’t play a big butch hero if you’re gay is a long held ‘belief’. The irony that a lot of old Hollywood’s leading men ended up being gay certainly isn’t lost on us. Ever since breaking into Hollywood, Evans has spoken less about being gay and focusses on keeping his family and private life just that, private.


selfie by luke evans in gym topless

Even Hollywood stars like a thirsty selfie once in a while


When Evans shared the photo of his boyfriend and him during Pride month 2019, it was accompanied by the assertion that we must all be our true selves. Although hopes may have been dashed for gays across the globe then, we were happy for him. Alas it looks like things might be over now. Last week they apparently re-followed each other but that could just mean they are now amicable. All we know that if he is single, once these pesky lockdowns are over we’ll be tracking him down and giving it our best ‘bend and snap’!

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