Madison Cawthorn - hot but horrendous

madison cawthorn on jet ski

Totally gratuitous picture of Rep. Madison Cawthorn


26-year old Madison Cawthorn is hot. This cannot be denied but once you’re read this, no amount of bulging biceps will have you convinced. He was elected to Congress in North Carolina in 2020 and for those of you not in the know about him, here is a a BRIEF history of the scandals that have followed him.


Firstly, he has lied numerous times about his personal history, once saying he was accepted into the US Naval Academy which wasn't true and then misrepresented details of the actual car accident that left him in a wheelchair.


Shady dealings


On top of that, multiple women have accused him of sexual misconduct and, during his campaign, he traveled to the Mexican border and said with no evidence that kids were being sold 'on a sex slave market.' Add to that, on social media, he shared photos of himself featuring symbols associated with far-right groups like the Oath Keepers.


madison cawthorn in suit

 Cawthorn trying a blue steel in a blue suit


In recent months however, things have taken a turn for the even more bizarre. First of all, Cawthorn went on TV and said that he had been invited to drug fuelled orgies in Washington DC, alluding to members of his own Republican party. They, of course, took umbrage at such accusations with House Leader Kevin McCarthy (who himself has been caught lying in recent weeks) saying “He’s got a lot of members very upset.”


Cawthorn then got himself into more hot water saying about Ukraine's President Zelensky: “Remember that Zelensky is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt, and it is incredibly evil, and it has been pushing woke ideologies.” Oh dear. 


Non-stop scandal


It doesn't stop there though, oh no! In the last month Cawthorn has been caught twice trying to take a firearm on a plane, twice been caught speeding and pulled over for driving without a valid license, you guessed it, TWICE. 


madison cawthorn in womens underwear

Shots shots shots... and lingerie 


Here's where it gets even MORE interesting, somehow. For a Congressman who has raged against 'woke' culture and spewed anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, he was pictured in unearthed photos wearing women's underwear which is no big surprise considering that's a regular occurrence in the world of frat boys and other sportsmen displaying toxic masculinity. 


It doesn't end there either. Cawthorn has since been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a male member of staff, with pictures emerging of his staffer with his hand on his crotch. Whether these 'slurs' have come from the left or right, it's clear that even Republicans want rid of him and his antics and seem to out to get him replaced by amore 'conventional' candidate. 


With all of the above, a dash of homophobia and oodles of hypocrisy, when Cawthorn's seat comes up this month it's up in the air whether he will even get the Republican nomination. For someone who was a speaker at the Trump rally just before the insurrection on Jan 6 at the Capitol Building in Washington DC, Cawthorn has clearly put all his eggs in the far right, QAnon basket which could just be his very undoing. 

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