Mariah wants your Pride pennies!

mariah carey big hair

Big hair? Mariah don't care!


You can’t blame a girl or trying right? It seems that every company loves to get in on that pink pound this time of year but our greatest allies can be the pop stars we love, we feel like they speak to us through the speakers and make us feel like we’re not alone in the world.


Care and Carey alike


In the face of SO much political upheaval and worldwide peril, it's easy to for get that Pride month 2022 is mere weeks away. Well, Mariah Carey ain't gonna let you forget it as she drops her new range of goodies in honour of her LGBTQ+ fans. 


mariah carey merch

Rainbow bright! Mariah's merch is tailor made for Pride


It would be easy to dismiss Mariah's intentions as cynical money making schemes but she has been supporting LGBTQ+ people her whole career and her Pride collection is already legendary since she started churning it out back in 2017.


Pride and merchandise


While some might say Pride merch is often just 'stick a rainbow on it and watch the dosh roll in' (which to some extent, it is) but unlike so many giant corporations, Mariah has ALWAYS been an ally. Centring mainly on the visuals from her 1999 album Rainbow (you DON'T say!), you can get hot pants, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and shed loads more. 


mariah carey promo for rainbow album

Brings back memories Mariah didn't miss a trick with Rainbow


Unlike a bit of a misstep from Victoria Beckham a few years ago, Mariah's garms come in at a reasonable $15 up to a less paltry $115. Does any of it go to LGBTQ+ charities? How DARE you even ask such a thing! *runs away*


Disney cares


Meanwhile despite the faux hand-wringing and the fact that DeSantis’s actions are really just hurting Floridians now, LGBTQ+ or otherwise, Disney have released new Pride merch for this year and are going big on parades at their parks across the world with the likes of Becky Hill and Mika playing Disneyland Paris in June. 


disney pride cup 

Pour with Pride - Disney jumping on the LGBTQ+ bandwagon


Disney has long been financially and creatively propped up by LGBTQ+ people, whether its staff who work in their stores or parks to the people who work on the movies that consistently keep the coffers full to brimming. At last they are putting their money where their mouth is and standing up for us despite the trouble it is causing them. 


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