Mask 4 Mask - How to get YOURS right!

Box model in black briefs and mask

This guy proves that wearing a mask doesn't need to be distracting


Midnight tonight sees masks in the UK become mandatory in shops in England. While we aren’t going to get into the politics of this, we thought it was a good excuse to get up some gratuitous pics of sexy men in their face coverings. What type will you go for?


First up we have the medical mask. During the pandemic, PPE or Personal Protective Equipment was something we went from never hearing about to every single day. Was there enough? Do we need it? Are we taking them away from the NHS workers? Now that we are over the worst, medical masks can be easily procured from local shops, just make sure you compare prices as vendors seem to be charging whatever they fancy.  


Cover up


Next up, the DIY mask. For everyone who’s moaning about having to go out and buy a brand-new mask, dry your eyes there is simply no need. Just take a gander into your wardrobe and we assure you there is something viable to create a face covering enabling you to go down Asda’s from Friday.


Topless man in face mask 

Is those my used undies on your face or are you just going shopping?


Any handkerchief, neckerchief, scarf or snood will do. As long as you can pull it up over your nose and mouth and it stays there then it qualifies. Why not delve into the back of your closet and fish out a winter scarf that you never actually wear in the cold months and re-purpose it for today? The possibilities are endless and you can be as creative as you like! In no time, you’ll look like an extra from Mad Max or a badass bandit out to provide for your family.


topless guy in car with mask and cap 

Even popping out for a drive you should wear a mask, top optional


Lastly is the mask that shows you mean business. There are some awesome ones out there if you want to spend a bit more cash. Loads of the major sports brands are doing them and of course whacking up the prices but they sure look good. Of course, where there’s money to be made, businesses pop up like spots on a teenager. You can get bespoke masks, comedy coverings, stylish or scary depending on your tastes, the list goes on. Someone will be flogging something you’re into if you just do a bit of digging.


Man in hockey mask and blue pants

Not recommended for your local Aldi


Let’s also not forget the military grade masks and ones made by your common or garden end-of-the-world predictor. You’re going to look like a bit of a fool walking round Tesco’s with a gas mask on but some of the ones with little vents that are also form fitting look pretty damn apocalyptic and damn cool into the bargain. The bonus is that if there’s a nuclear war at any point then you’ll be well prepared to go out into the zombie infested hell scape knowing that you’ll be breathing good clean filtered air.

Sam Dowler

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