Mean Girls Aaron Samuels Shows His Massive Soft Penis!

Actor Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron Samuels from the movie Mean Girls accidentally (maybe) his massive penis. 

Aaron Samuels Jonathan Bennett wearing a blue cotton shirt and black jeans

Image above shows taken in Hollywood, California Actor Jonathan Bennett arrives at the premiere of Big Hero 6 at the El Capitan Theatre. Dressed in a blue cotton / denim shirt with rolled up sleeves and slim fitting black jeans. (Photo by Barry King/FilmMagic)


Who is Jonathan Bennett?

Bennett is an actor from Ohio, USA and is best known for playing Regina George's on again off again boyfriend Aaron Samuels in the 2004 smash hit movie Mean Girls. 

The ultimate chick flick in which Samuels co-stared also starred big time actors including Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and comedian Tina Frey who also wrote screen play for the film which saw her nominated for an award for Best Adapted Screenplay from the Writers Guild of America. 

Aaron Samuels Mean Girls Premiere

Image above shows Jonathan Bennett looking every inch the teenager as Aaron Samuels at the Mean Girls Premiere in 2004. Credit - FilmMagic / Getty Images. 

Also featured was Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners, Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian and unforgettably Daniel Franzere as Damien Leigh. 

Mean Girls coined phrases such as: 

The Plastics - A group of superficial and popular high school females. 

On Wednesdays we wear pink - pretty self explanatory. 

You can't sit with us - A slight and insult given when not allowing someone of a lower popularity to eat lunch on your lunch. 

Happy October 3rd Day - A famous piece of dialogue in the film between Lohan and Samuels in which an infatuated Lindsay says 'On October 3rd I asked him what date it was', Aaron replied 'It's October 3rd'. 


Jonathan Bennett / Aaron Samuels Nudes


Sadly occurring on 21st February and not October 3rd but nonetheless pleasing the tall and gorgeous hunk leaked his own naked picture / video. Yes really. The A screenshot from a video below. 

Image removed upon request. 

But was this an accident? Or was the handsome lad just so pleased with the glimpse of his huge cock displayed on the rounded edges of the glass that he decided to post it for all to see? Unsure?

Image removed upon request.

If you need some swimming trunks we can totally sort you out. 

What Happened to Aaron Samuels? 

Whilst it's not exactly clear when Jonathan Bennett came out, the actor is openly gay. Confirming in 2020 via his reps that he's happily engaged to partner and TV presenter Jaymes Vaughan. 

Daniel (She doesn't even go here) Franzese revealed in 2019 that Bennett came out to him on set of Mean Girls. Franzese's character Damian was also a gay guy in the movie as well as Daniel being gay outside of the silver screen. 

Speaking to Gay Star News in 19 Daniel said: 

‘We both were sharing in our little private misery of having to be in the closet. We definitely confided in each other.’ 

The comedy actor continued recalling after he had come out of the closet 10 years after the movie release:

‘When I came out, I urged him to come out,’ Daniel explained. ‘He just wasn’t ready at the time. I’m glad now he’s at a place in his life where he can feel free to be himself. I’m proud of him.’

What a cute bromance, one that continues to this day with the pair appearing as 'contestants' on Ru Paul's Drag Race Snatch Game for season 12. 

Jonathan Bennett Daniel Franzese Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 12

Image above credit WOW Productions of the two Mean Girls actors on Ru Paul's Drag Race laughing at Heidi In Closet. 


Also in 2014 we saw the heart throb all grown up appearing on season 19 of Dancing With The Stars or Strictly Come Dancing if you're in the UK. Sadly his dancing wasn't up to scratch and he was sent home in week 6 finishing a distant 9th on the show. 

Jonathan Bennett Outfit

Final image credit Getty is Jonathan now. Still every inch the Hollywood hunk with a winning white smile and perfectly coiffed hair. Let's hope he can one day return to TV or movie theatres with another leading role. Failing that - more dick pics please sir! 


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