Mitchell Duke - The Best Bum in Aussie Football?

Super Hot Aussie Soccer Player Mitchell Duke & His Stupendous Bum.

Mitchell Duke Bum

You're not the only one biting your fist mate! Mitchell Duke as he runs across from the field in tight black soccer shorts showing the shape of his perfectly crafted bum underneath. 

Mitchell Duke might not be a name you're familiar with, however, you'll want to familiarise yourself with this super sexy Australian footballer and his peach perfect bum!

Whilst he doesn't appear to wear Box Menswear yet, see the picture below of him flashing some Calvin Klein, we can tell you from that visible underwear line that he does wear classic boxer shorts! Trust us, we're experts. 

Mitchell Duke Australian Footballer Bent Over In Shorts

Is this footy or wrestling? Western United Ersan Gulum,; in the green and black, scrapping around for the ball with Wanderers Mitchell Duke; the godly ass in the gold during the 5th round A-League match between Western United and the Western Sydney Wanderers, November 9, 2019 in Geelong, Australia. 

As far as Wiki tells us Mitch was last playing professionally for J-1 football team Shimizu S-Pulse in Japan but don't passport to the city of Shizuoka just yet, as this Daddy is totally spoken for family man and real life Dad, further more we've spotted some pictures of him playing football in Sydney, so we're guessing the Wikipedia needs an update

Above: Mitchell Duke with his young family, wide Charlotte and son Jaxson all smiling together and dressed with impeccable coordination . 


Andrew Durante and Mitchell Duke compete to head the ball

Mitchell Duke Splits in Soccer Shorts

Above: A couple more shots of Australian Footballer Mitchell Duke wearing gold football / soccer shorts. In the first one we can see an amazing display showing his musclebound legs and toned cheeks as he competes to win the ball. Within the second image we can see Mitch performing a part splits (we're told he can do the splits) bent over with the ball running away behind him. 




Family First: Posing shirtless with some rolled up black trunks, while holding his son on the edge of a swimming pool. 


Mitchell Duke lifts football shirt showing abs and body wearing heart rate monitor

Do you want a guy with abs or a booty? Why choose when you can have both? Above Mitchell Duke shows his 6-pack abs hand crafted by the greek god of abs (not sure there is one but there deffo must be after seeing this). 

Australian Soccer Mitchell Duke Bent Over in front of goal keeper

A lot of tackle? Those white football socks will need to go on a hot wash if you're going to get them clean after this game. Unsure who the goal keeper above is or how he managed to avert his eyes! 

Whilst searching Pinterest and Tumblr for some hot pictures to bring you we came across the below incident featuring Aaron Anderson, another Aussie Footballer who came face to face with Mitchell on the 12th of August in Sydney of this year. Picture below. 

Aaron Anderson and Mitchell Duke face to face in arguement

It does look like they're about to fight, but perhaps the camera does lie? Could Aaron Anderson and Mitchell Duke be about to kiss? Unlikely! 


We'll leave you with the picture below of Mitch in his full soccer kit, but, before we go, perhaps we should feature Aaron next? 

Mitchell Duke Running in soccer kit


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