National Balloons Around the World Day.

On Friday 6th October we celebrated National Balloons Around the World Day by going LIVE on Instagram and Facebook. 

BOX staff member Jack (instagram here) was back on your phone screens changing his underwear live as a little treat for you all, whilst blowing up some balloons. Jack loves the camera and loves to show you all what we get up too here in our BOX warehouse and offices. 

national balloons day box menswear

Jack oozes confidence wearing his Red BOX Briefs whilst blowing up and tying together a matching red balloon. 🎈

box menswear blog

Obviously we had to give him some modesty and somewhere to change into those BOX Blue Briefs, we want to keep some things hidden. 😉 

balloons with box menswear

The purpose of the day was to let off 3 BOX branded balloons with our details on, if the balloon lands in your procession, drop us an email or DM and you get a £50 voucher to spend on BOX items. How good is that?

Jack Box MenswearJack posing in our Scary Canary Feature Fit boxer shorts. He may have been a little cold but thats okay!

Have you found any of our balloons yet?

We are loving going live on our social feeds lately, it gives you all more of an understanding of what we are about here at BOX HQ we hope you are loving them too. Keep tuning in for more offers, competitions and fun stuff over on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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