New Jersey Boy Zac Riley Takes A Shower VIDEO

He's tall, ripped and stupidly handsome, and it also appears that Instagram hunk Zac Riley is also very sharing, but allowing us to share these pictures and videos with you, what a guy. 

With his chiselled features, this 24 year old from New Jersey in the USA, looks right down the camera lens, as his white boxers become very see through. As if that wasn't enough, Zac then takes his hand and grabs his big bulge. 

Clearly Zac has seen some other vids we've posted on Facebook and Instagram and doesn't want to be outdone by any other models who've taken to the bathroom and shower like Aussie lad Kealan Flannigan. 

Getting creative take a look below as Zac strips for everyone. We've asked him if he'd be willing to send us some more so keep an eye out. 

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If you want to see some more of the lads taking their clothes off click HERE and you can browse through all of our blog posts

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