Nick Bateman is Here to Cure Your Monday Blues

If there is one man on instagram that we have been obsessing over for quite some time, it is Nick Bateman. If you have been one of the unlucky people that haven't heard of the Canadian hunk, brace yourselves for this...

nick batemen in boxers

Nick boasts 6.6 million followers on instagram and counting, and there is no surprise as to why, beholding perfect chiselled abs and arms that we would love to be wrapped around us. Growing up in Burlington, Canada, Nick has made his living working as a model and an actor, starring in various films since 2011. Before his fame however, Bateman was actually a black belt in martial arts...lethal moves and a lethal body. 😏

The hottie has just welcomed his first child this month and is still looking hot whilst working that dad life.

Here our some of our favourite pics of him:


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home for the holidays w the Pups 🐾🇨🇦

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Nick is an animal lover and has two pet Yorkies, Joey and Keeva. Oh what we would do to be those dogs...🤤


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Dirty Laundry

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#MilesHigh 🎬

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Who else thinks Nick would look amazing in some Box Menswear briefs

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