Tom Daley topless with pecs and abs

Tom's only 27 but he's achieved more than most of us ever will! 


This time last year we were bemoaning that fact that not only was there global pandemic, but we were robbed of the biggest competition in the world of sport, the Olympics. After a VERY bumpy ride and no small amount of pushback from the Japanese people, Tokyo 2020 has started with the biggest number of out queer athletes ever to take part.


Tom Daley muscles out tiny trunks

Doing it for the Brits with his Union Jack in hand  


One of Team GB’s biggest hopes is Tom Daley, who describes his life in diving as ‘a rollercoaster’ in a new documentary by BBC Sport. It seems like a lifetime ago that we say Tom aged just 14 at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 yet here we are three Olympics later and Daley’s hoping to bring back more medals.



As he got older, his teeny tiny trunks got smaller and his bulging muscles got more defined. Quite possibly the best abs ever to grace our screens we are very much looking forward to cheering him on in Tokyo.


Tom daley in tokyo 2020 kit

Looking super hot in his official Team GB Tokyo 2020 garms


In the documentary Tom talks candidly about becoming a father which he did in 2018 to little Robbie Black-Daley via a surrogate. Tom very famously came out as gay back in 2013 to the surprise of not a huge amount of us be we were proud to see him live his truth and welcome him as one of our own. In a 2018 interview he described himself as queer and no 100% gay or straight.


Tom Daley muscles out tiny trunksTom Daley muscles out tiny trunksTom Daley muscles out tiny trunks

We couldn't have a feature on Tom without a sequence of dive shots, especially that last one oof


After only a few years on the scene, in 2015 he announced his engagement to movie director Dustin Lance Black. Some people were gutted that the young hot bachelor had been snapped up so quickly. Black, who is 20 years older than him, was a huge presence in Hollywood at the time having written the script to Oscar winning movie Milk for which he won an Academy Award himself.


Tom Daley muscles out tiny trunks

Having abs like that should be a crime and that V is like a crevasse


Getting into the sport at such a young age and finding success so quickly, Daley is known to have put a lot of pressure on himself with his disappointment and not doing better at the Rio Olympics in 2016 in particular. This seems to have turned around now however as in the documentary he talks about having less pressure as he has a husband and child to think about.


Now that the Olympics have started albeit with a number of hurdles to overcome during a pandemic and with no spectators allowed to watch, we will have to be willing him all the best from our couches up and down the country.



Tom Daley muscles out tiny trunks

Tom checks out the drop at Tokyo 2020

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