Orland-oh Yeah! Bloom’s Thick Thighs Saves Lives

Orlando bloom in dark suit smiles with beard

Bloom smoulders, showing us just what K-Pez sees in him


It was only a few years ago when British actor Orlando Bloom, 43, broke the internet by unexpectedly stripping off for a leisurely punt on the sea with then girlfriend Katy Perry. Now engaged to pop megastar Perry and father to little Daisy, he might look back on that particular incident and wonder, like we did, what exactly he was doing going full frontal nude with cock and balls out for all to see while Katy laughed along.


Bloomin' fit


Well, he’s at it again but this time less skin is on show. Somehow though, Orlando is way hotter than his nudist beach-esque escapades of yore. We love a muscled-up guy in gym gear and Bloom is fitting the bill and much as he’s filling those shorts. He was snapped this week in celeb hot spot Santa Barbara in California in tiny short shorts and a tight work out t-shirt. With his smoothed toned thighs on full display, he’s got us thinking that Katy Perry is one lucky lady. At the end of the day, you‘ve got to keep trim if you’re a movie star and your partner is a gay icon.


orlando bloom in short shorts and tee shirt

'Just grabbing a few bits Katy, need anything from down the shops?'


Some guys just get fitter as they get older and start to fill out. We’re not saying he wasn’t very handsome as Legolas in the Lord Of The rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean, but in more of a pretty way. Now he’s over 40 he’s got that action man physique and he’s not afraid to show it.  He was sexy as hell as bad boy Rycroft Philostrate (try saying that with a mouthful of nuts) in Carnival Row starring alongside supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delavigne.


Fit and forty (three)

Orlando bloom with back and mask in short short

Hot legs alerts - does he shave or wax?


Next up for Bloom is the animated series The Prince where he’s voicing Prince Harry in a sitcom about a six-year-old Prince George causing havoc for the Royal Family. It seems the thirst for television based on the monarchy wasn’t sated by Netflix’s The Crown! The Prince comes out next year and for the moment we aren’t sure when the second season of Carnival Row will be out due to the pandemic.


All we know is that we’re here for new Dad Bloom and his meaty thighs. He’s looking every bit the private school rugby toff and that’s not a bad thing. More please Orlando, give us something tide us over before your next onscreen performance!

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