Orpheus Pledger Totally Naked - PICS!

Home and Away actor Orpheus Pledger shares a video walking out of the shower totally naked. 

Orpheus Pledger Naked Nude Shower Video

Image above taken from a now deleted Instagram post from Orpheus Pledger shows him totally nude, brushing over the end of his dick with his left thumb. 

Accident or Deliberate? 

Exactly how the dick slip occurred is up for debate, but there's already a Twitter crowd crying foul of this 'accident'. 

Orpheus Pledger shower pics

Slowly does it. Still taken from the video a moment before Orpheus Pledger let's his dick slip to the camera. 

Those who believe the post was purposeful believe its no coincidence that the Aussie hunk's body looks 10/10 as well as managing to maintain a Blue Steel model glare that Tyra Banks would approve of. 

On the other side of the argument, the 28 year old did post it on Instagram who's nudity policy would remove the post pretty rapid. The Summer Bay regular also does have his hand in front of his goods, so maybe he thought after a quick glance he was covered up. 

Orpheus Pledger nude

Look at that V Line! Yum. 

Was does the video show?

The 13 second long video starts with Orpheus obscured, standing behind both a steamy glass shower divide which has a green towel draped over the top. 

With steam vapour rising from behind the screen and the sound of water spluttering against his model like physique the viewer is kept waiting for a few seconds until our bronzed boy makes an appearance. 

Exiting the shower privacy screen full frontal to a phone camera set on a recording video, Pledger has his left hand covering his penis with the rest of his body totally nude and dripping from head to toe in water. 

Orpheus Pledger body bicep and shoulders

Fitness Model Physique? Perfectly proportioned smile, pecs, biceps and shoulders. 


Just as quickly as the young actor appears his hand slips not once, but twice, each time revealing his soft dick and balls as he walks towards the camera. 

Once safely within the confines of the camera cut off, the flashing star lifts his left arm from over his flaccid penis and runs his fingers through his hair, showing an enormous and rock hard bicep pose in the process. 

A quick smize (there's Tyra again) mutates into a comedy manly face with the brunette finishing with a smile. 

Just as quickly as it started, it's all over. 

Does he ever wear boxers? 

As you'd imagine the answer is yes, he does wear boxer shorts

Back in Feb 2021 the Home and Away lothario uploaded some Instagram stories featuring a camera of a school picture. 

ORPHEUS PLEDGER boxer shorts

Image above taken in February 2021, wearing sunglasses as Calvin Klein boxer trunks. 


The video was posted on Tuesday 29th June 2021 and it's not clear when and by who the video was removed. All images copyright Orpheus Pledger Instagram. 

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