Patrick Leblanc strips down..

Patrick Leblanc is a growing instagram influencer and has recently started modelling BOX underwear on his socials and we are LOVING him.

Leblanc has a fast growing instagram account and also runs his own youtube channel. He has gained over 180,000 followers since starting his account, and is continuing to grow at a fast pace. With that in mind, his posts are centred heavily around him displaying his gorgeous physique in underwear, showing off his abs and his big package. Not only this but Leblanc provides fitness tips on his socials and of course, body inspiration that we will certainly need coming into these winter months...😅

Here are some Leblanc's youtube videos for some Friday motivation:

Not exactly terrible to look at either. 😉

We have also selected some of our favourite of his Instagram pictures for you to take a look at..





Bulge goals.



 Even more bulge goals.


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