Peek-a-boo! Inside our brand new Suspender Jock

You've never seen a jockstrap like this before.

Here at Box we have been renowned for our Jocks for years releasing our first back in 2014 and they have been extremely popular ever since. Box is known for bringing you the sexiest jockstraps in a range of colours and styles guaranteed to flaunt your best assets.

On Black Friday 2019 we changed the game by dropping our Ribbed Jock in 8 different colours, proving again to be a massive hit with our customers. We put our heads together in the boardroom thinking how can we make the Jockstrap different to anything that anyone has ever seen? How do you make one of the sexiest types of underwear even sexier? Well here we have it, the Suspender Jock...


Risqué Business

As you can see from the front, this is no Jockstrap you are used to. We removed the bulge from the waistband, not held together by super soft and strong elastane keeping you comfortable yet keeping it's shape for extended periods of time. The best thing about not having the waistband and crotch attached is that the excess material that's usually in it's place makes your bulge look HUGE as we can see on hunk Mojib. We also improved the crotch pouch by opting to use a breathable and soft neoprene that allows you to wear this all day and all night long. 



Now, the reason why we all love a jockstrap... the bare rear view. This is the one thing we would never switch up and as you can see as Matt busts out of his jock, revealing his peachy behind. The changes we made are at the best when viewed on the side, pants slightly down revealing the suspender straps, guaranteed to seduce and captivate anyone who catches a glimpse.


Dare To Bare All

Customers will often share their saucy secrets with us, and we often hear how they like to feel sexy and naughty by wearing a Box jock in the workplace. Close your eyes and visualise being in the office and seeing someone bend over to reveal the suggestive straps - I'm sure your mind would be racing too!



Cobalt Blue proved to be the most popular colour from the Ribbed Jockstrap collection released last year, which made it a no brainer that our next jock would be the same colour. With a streamlined and modern chevron design this is more than just a nice colour and design, this actually helps visually enhance your bulge as every contour of the penis is accentuated by the chevrons and the light cobalt puts your best features on show. 


This is an absolute must for a fan of the jockstrap. We have redefined the jock making it sexier than it's ever been. Whether you want your bulge to look bigger, seduce with the straps or revealing a little bit of the pubic region, this is the jock you have dreamt of.


Never rocked a jock before? There is no better way to announce your arrival to the strap game than with this.


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