Real Men Wear Pink

Box model with pink undies and tattoos

Pink goes with a tan, tattoos and copious undergrowth


The colour pink has been in contention for quite some time. Many years ago, girls would be told to ‘wear pink to make the boys wink’ and other such archaic sayings. Even the Sugababes once said that their love was pink! As for the incomparable P!nk, while she started with pink hair, it soon became a bit boring for her. 


Making the boys wink


When it comes to gender specific colours, pink has meant ‘girl’ in modern western society for centuries. You only need to go to a baby shower or worse yet, a gender reveal party, to know that pink means ‘It’s a boy!’ and pink means ‘It’s a girl!’.


Of course, babies don’t give a shit what they wear as they literally will be getting their shit on whatever you squish them into but as babies generally all look similar, it’s a way of avoiding the ‘ooh isn’t he handsome’ awkward comments when meeting your mate’s brand-new bouncing baby girl.


Harry styles fine line front cover harry in pink shirt and white flares

Harry Styles knows how to style out pink


In this day and age however, gender stereotyping is about as fashionable as Boris Johnson’s man mop. With huge high street companies eschewing old trends and saying it’s ok for girls to wear dinosaur t-shirts and boys to like princesses. Well now it’s our turn, real men are reclaiming pink and if the boys wink then that’s an added bonus.


Whether it’s a nice new pair of briefs (the pink Box briefs are a bestseller), a salmon shirt for work, a gym vest or a pair of summer shorts, pink has loads of variety for guys to get involved with. Coupled with a nice tan it looks particularly good we can attest to. Hey, even Harry Styles rocks a fuschia custom Gucci blouse on the cover of his 2019 album Fine Line.


Not just a colour, a message


Pink is often associated with breast cancer awareness and this year we are being asked to wear pink by Breast Cancer Now. There are a huge amount of other breast cancer charities out there too. As enlightened men, we can wear pink and show that we can be masculine and also support our sisters. This October is breast cancer awareness month and Cancer Research Now specifically marks the 23rd as the day to wear pink with pride. No, not THAT Pride. Check out all the details here.


model in pink bpx briefs with his hand down pants

Our Box model has a rummage 


No longer is pink anything to do being girly or hinting towards queerdom, it’s just another shade that looks good and we’re here for it. The biggest example of confidence and masculinity is wearing what the fuck you want and wearing it well.

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