Reno Gold - Only Fans & Sex Worker Expert

Reno Gold - Only Fans Mogul.

"Only Fans was such a great switch and it was the best thing I've ever done."

We are now balls deep into 2020, we have been through a lot of things to say the least.  However, the birth of OnlyFans not only one wound up as our favourite new platform but one that has switched up the game in favour of creators. During all of this, our Box Boy, Reno Gold made a phenomenal rise to the top. We wanted to find out how he had made his fortune, what he is spending his money on and his future plans! 

We recently sat down and had a chat with Reno about what it takes to make it in such a new and competitive environment, and how the power has been handed to the creators in a way that was not possible in the adult film industry before OnlyFans came along.

A common misconception or association people make with OnlyFans creators is that it is an easy way, without much effort, to make a-lot of money. However while speaking to Reno it's clear to see that all of that is just an outsiders fantasy of how to make big stacks in little time. So, we made it our responsibility for the greater good of not only those interested but also wider humanity to find out the nitty gritty of the daily process that the king of OnlyFans currently goes through. 


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So grab yourself a cup of your favourite tea or coffee, settle in, and learn the ins and outs of the Only Fans lifestyle with our very own Reno Gold. 

Start of Interview:

Okay. So, obviously your massive thing is you're doing your Only Fans and like what else do you do with your day. 


Reno: So, I wake up I do Only Fans and then I do my posts for Instagram. I have like five accounts and I post different content on all of them. So, I'll do that and then maybe I'll do like a dancing story for my Instagram and then I've been doing Tik-Toks in the morning and then going to the gym and then writing to all my only fan subscribers. I also have a YouTube channel, so I put out one video a week on that. So, I'm filming and editing for Only Fans filming and editing for Instagram and for Twitter and then for YouTube because I have different content on all of it. Then I also have five condos that I own, so managing those as well.


Definitely. Owning condos that's fun [laughs]. 


Reno: Yeah it is it's really exciting. Actually, I'm hoping to expand on that and purchase more properties. 


So, that is basically what you're putting your money into. 


Reno: Yes, I'm investing all my money into property or most of my money into property [laughter]. 


Yeah well, it's the thing you never know how long these things will last for, so you're better off investing now. 


Reno: Yeah, I always think of it that Only Fans could get deleted tomorrow and then what am I going to do because that is my only source of income besides my condos, so I definitely want to expand on like my assets and investments.


Yeah, I know 100%. So, tell us a bit about your career path up to now? 


Reno: I started at 18 and from there I would just travel because I found I made more money if I wasn't in one spot for too long so every week I would be in a different city. I started web-camming and just made the complete switch to Only Fans. 


So, by dancing do you mean like in clubs and stuff? 


Reno: Yeah, I was a stripper so at like strip clubs. Honestly like dancing is not how it used to be there's like not much money in it anymore so you have to work so hard and like have no personal life because you just have to travel so much to keep making like good money, so yeah, I gave it up really easy. Only Fans was such a great switch and it was the best thing I've ever done. 


I love it. Well yeah, I mean all the clubs basically stopped didn't they, so basically many people joined Only Fans that were dancers before didn't they? 


Reno: Yeah definitely. It's really cool because now we can connect with people all over the world so like my fans, I message them every day, so like I feel like I know like what's going on like all over the world. It's really cool to feel like connected and part of a community and that's what I like that Only Fans offers and like dancing didn't really feel like that. I don't know it's just better online and I enjoy it more. 


Also, you can chat with people much better like one-on-one, can't you? 


Reno: Yeah exactly, you're not in a club where the music's like blaring and like everyone's trying to talk to you. It's just it's more like one-on-one. 


So, do you think do you have a personal relationship with your fans you think? 


Reno: Oh yeah absolutely yeah there's so many that if they don't like message me for a while and my Only Fans, I'll reach back out and I'm like, “Hey, like what's going on I haven't heard from you like just like wondering”, what's going on with them. There's like so many I have personal relationships with. 


Interviewer: That's really nice. 


Reno: Yeah, it's really nice. I have online boyfriends all over the world that's the best part having so many online boyfriends. [Laughter] 


So, would you ever meet them in person these boyfriends? [Laughter] 


Reno: No, but they know that, you know, they know that, they're not stupid, like we're not going to meet in person. But it really is nice having somebody there to talk to you like 24/7 because sometimes I need to talk to them too, you know I get lonely, we're all in quarantine, I live alone.


So, obviously you were dancing before and you know family friends obviously maybe didn't come and see you but now obviously this is a much bigger platform. Obviously, you say you just mentioned you see your family, does it worry you that they know what you're doing or do they not know or blah blah blah? 


Reno: Oh they know and they all support me. They prefer that I'm doing something else, but I think they see that I'm happy and I mean, I'm an adult so I can do what I want and they're just they're very accepting. They're very accepting. I'm very close with my family. They support it 100%. I mean, it's changed their lives too you know I'm able to help my family out so… 


Of course, yeah, you'd see you'd soon start forgiving once you got the checks, “Thanks very much.” [Laughter] It's all very well being. Are they quite conservative or religious or anything like that? 


Reno: Oh, they are Christian. But they're like the best type of religious people. They just love everybody. And I think if I was struggling in this career and I wasn't doing well then, they probably would be pushing me harder to stop, but I'm killing it. So, like why would they want me to stop if I'm happy and doing well. I think it'd be a different story if I wasn't happy, if I wasn't doing well. So, they just want what's best for me and right now this is what's best for me. 


And as you said you don't know how long it's going to last, so you need to make the most now.  


Reno: Yes. 


So, you say about online boyfriends nobody in real life IRL. I was interviewing somebody the other day, they said, if they got in a relationship, they would only get a relationship with someone who accepted that they did Only Fans, are you the same? 


Reno: Oh yeah, I'm not quitting for nobody [laughs]. 


Ain’t quitting for no one. 


Reno: Because I mean like I don't know you just have to accept it. It's what I'm doing and it you know it just… yeah got to accept Only Fans, it's the only way it's going to work. The thing for me is like in a relationship I would want to be monogamous except for when I'm working. So, that would be the only time that I would like you know like mess around it would be for work because in my personal life, I'd much rather be monogamous I just find it works better for me in relationships. I understand how that can be like tricky to some people but like work like I enjoy it but it's definitely separates from real life for me. 


Well you'd have to be with somebody who understood that. 


Reno: Exactly. Yeah that's hard to come by [laughter]. Especially because I'm not attracted to people who do what I do. Like I'm not attracted to other Only Fans guys for some reason. I like somebody like I don't know who does something different and it is definitely hard to come by. 


Someone who does like plumbing or a fireman. 


Reno: Yeah [laughs].  


So, obviously looks is important on Only Fans so like and like you know when you've talked before about having Botox etcetera. So, looking after yourself gym wise and facially is that really important to you? 


Reno: Yeah definitely because I mean my body is my business, so I have to stay on top of it. When quarantine first started, I definitely fell out of it and I noticed like a difference with just how I felt. So, I think also like keeping my mood up so that I can like be happy and talk to people and keep my energy up like it's important just as much as looks. Just the benefits of working out and taking care of yourself and like eating right. But I think there's also a market for most things. People do like that like someone who looks just like average. I've seen like a lot of girls who are super successful or you know would be considered like more average and stuff. So, I don't think looks are everything. I think if you show personality there's a market for that as well. I think it's important to take care of yourself. 


Yeah like so many so many people on Only Fans have like you said just sort of some people like that sort of average like normal person look. I mean, because like you look great but you don't you know you look a lot better than a lot of people on Only Fans and a lot better than people in real life. So, sometimes people like that average sort of look, don't they? 


Reno: Yeah because it might be intimidating you know to talk to somebody who you're like “Wow they are unattainable.” You might want to talk to someone you feel like… I don't know [laughs]. Yeah, I think it depends on the person some people get by solely on their looks other people don't. 


Obviously you would say that the way you look is important to your Only Fans. 


Reno: It is, but I don't think that's my biggest selling factor. I think my selling factor is uh just the way that I communicate with people and how much I care. 


Oh, that's really nice. [Laughs] 


Reno: Thank you. 


Well as we said before like obviously Only Fans might not last forever so what would you see for yourself after this or in the future? 


Reno: Well as I said I have five condos so I'm going to continue investing in real estate um just investment properties and renting them out. So, I hope by the time I'm 30- I want to stop like when I'm 30 like in my prime. So, I'm hoping by the time I'm 30 I'll be able to retire and I'll have enough properties under my belt that I'll just be able to manage them and live off of that. 


Yeah exactly. I mean like how many properties do you want in your empire? 


Reno: I don't know I want a bunch. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how many it would take at this point. 


You said 30. How old are you now? 


Reno: I am 24. Oh well I think you've got I think I got a good six more years left in me. 


Yeah, you're fine because you recently talked about, I think it was a hundred grand a month or something wasn't it? 


Reno: Yeah. 


Has that shot up since covid? 


Reno: Yeah definitely. I've been making a lot since covid just because people aren't interacting with people in their day-to-day life, so they're like “I want to talk to somebody like I'm stuck in the house.” I feel the same way, so definitely like people got bored and they started joining during covid. I think we've seen it start to decline just a little bit now because now people like when they first, they weren't working they were stuck at home, but they still had like you know money to pay this extra fee a month. But now I think we're starting to see it decline a little bit because people have been out of work for so long that they're like, “Wow this monthly subscription.” They're having to budget a little bit more, I think. 


Well yeah because like a lot of people didn't have to pay their gym membership before and then you weren't going out for dinner and blah blah blah, so I may as well spend it on this instead. 


Reno: Right. 


I get that. 


Reno: Exactly I mean it's still like better than normal but I have seen it like it's not like crazy. The first like month of covid it was like insane the money everyone was making. 


You must've been like. What the fuck is that right? Buy another condo now. [Laughter] 


Reno: Yeah. 


Oh, that's fantastic. There must be a lot of guys that see your success and want to do the same. So, what would be I mean, in the Only Fans community is there competition or would you give advice to people? 


Reno: Some guys see it as competition, but those guys aren't going to make it very far because we all have to work together as a team to promote each other and help lift each other up because there's enough room for everybody to eat and everyone to be successful. But if you don't see it that way and you're going to try to undercut other people, you're not going to make it. So, I would say don't see competition with anybody else only see it with yourself and push yourself farther to be the best you can be because no one else is your competition if you have your own thing going on. And then I would also tell guys starting, like if you're going to do it, fucking do it. Put your all into it. It's not going to be like a side gig. If you want to just make crazy money there's no way to promote on the app. You have to have a following first or referral. 


Yeah. You have to have a following first. 


Reno: Like I wouldn't sign up with under 10,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram unless I had somebody's referral that I used because then maybe they could help you out if they see potential in you which I do for guys. You got to put your all into it. It's not just it's not easy money. You just put up content every day, be consistent on every single platform. 




Reno: Oh my god yeah, I do a new professional nude every single day. 


What photo or video? 


Reno: Okay so I do one nude photo every single day and then I do four solo scenes a week and then I do two to three duo scenes a month. 


Interviewer: Oh, okay so if you haven't been able to do that during lockdown though? 


Reno: Well so I consider like a duo scene like if I do anal or something like that. I'm sorry [laughs] if I do like stuff with toys like just myself, I don't have any action I don't have like full on fucking. I just have like blow jobs and stuff on my site or like jerk off scenes. Yeah like if sit on a toy or something I consider that like a duo scene. 


It is you and something else to be fair, so that's a duo. 


Reno: Exactly yeah. Actually, I have done a few like duo scenes with other guys um because they're just like my neighbors and this quarantine's been going on for so long. And we were like okay like we're not sick and we filmed like a scene [laughs]. I filmed 2 during quarantine, but we've been in quarantine for months. You have to work. 


Are these random neighbours or did you know them already? 


Reno: That'd be hotter. I knew them already. I knew them from when I was a dancer. 


It wasn't just someone that popped by to be like, “Oh hi how's it going.” 


Reno: I wish [Laughter]. 


You'd be like, “While you're here?” Do you mind helping me out with something? Underwear wise what do you find sexy? 


Reno: Underwear wise. Well I love this color that I'm wearing. 


 I think its teal or light blue. 


Reno: Yeah. Like in my day-to-day life I don't really wear underwear, [laughs] but when it comes to photo shoots like yeah, I love having like a variety of colors. And I like that Box has like a bunch of pastels I really like that yeah because I think it looks good with my pale body [laughs]. 


That's not pale, you should you should come to England. So, what about like jocks and things like that? 


Reno: Yeah, I love jock straps for sure. I love jock straps. Oh, I also love those gym leggings like the see-through kind of one's kind of- like not see-through they're just like super stretchy, the ones from Box so the white ones because you get really good VPL [Visible Penis Line] [laughter]. 


Definitely. We'll make sure you have all the ones you want then for that. 


Reno: Yeah so like VPL is probably the most important part to underwear you want to make sure you have a visible penis line and it holds and supports your package good, hugs your balls, shows off your ass. 


So, obviously you have a lot of requests but would you say you make most money from requests? 


Reno: No, I don't do too many custom videos. I'll do a raffle for my only fan subscribers and I'll do one custom video a month just because I'm shooting so much. I mean, I'm doing four solo scenes a month and then two like- I'm doing like six or seven scenes a month, so I don't really have time to be doing all these customs. But I raffle one off every month. 


And what sort of thing are they? 


Reno: Oh man all different types of stuff. 


 [Laughs] Give me some. 


Reno: Do you want like an odd request? 




Reno: Well there's actually a big community it's called, “macro micro community”. So, they want me to be the macro, so I'm huge and they want to be teeny tiny and they want to climb all over my body. So, I take like the webcam and I have them climb up my leg. I'm like, “Come on little buddy you can make it to my knee you're so teeny tiny, but you're so strong I know you can make it to my knee.” So, now my little webcam and climb them up to my knee and then I'll be like, “Wow you just climbed so far. Do you want to see the view from where you climbed?” I turned my webcam around and like show them down to my feet and I'm like, “You can take a little break. Do you think you can hike all the way to my titty next?” 


Oh my gosh [laughs]. I have never heard of that. 


Reno: Yeah, some people just want to be teeny tiny. 


So, like you're a big giant and they're like a little person. 


Reno: That's right. 


Wow I love that. 


Reno: Or like more commonly like people want like domination videos or just like talking dirty the whole time like using their name or something just telling them like- 


They're a piece of shit. 


Reno: “I'm going to use you as like my cock sucking puppet. I want to fuck your fake face and make a mess out of you.” It's just stuff like that. 


[Laughter] Did you say you raffle them off? 


Reno: Yeah. 


Oh well that's nice. Do people like join a raffle and then you give it to just a random person? 


Reno: Yep. So, then I like pick out of a hat um on the 30th of every month. It's five dollars to enter and when you enter with five dollars you get a nude photo and one raffle ticket. If you enter with twenty dollars you a short nude video and you get five raffle tickets and then. So, then at the end of the month I pull out of the hat. 


So, was that your idea or did someone suggest it? 


Reno: I follow a lot of female porn stars on Instagram and I saw Riley Reed doing it. She set hers up a little bit differently than how I set mine up, but I was like, “Wow that's a really good idea!” So, I can't take credit for it although I wish I could [laughter]. 


Well it depends on how you develop it for yourself. 


Reno: I definitely changed it and made it work for what I thought would make the most sense for my page. 


They didn't come up with raffles either, it's an old thing. 


Reno: Right yeah. I thought it was pretty clever though like for Only Fans. 


Massively. So, you said that obviously you follow these porn stars. So, would you consider yourself as a porn star? 


Reno: I'm definitely making porn, but I'm not a porn star because I'm not doing studio porn and there's difference between an Only Fans guy and somebody doing studio porn. So, I mean guys who do studio porn, they win like the grabbies and stuff like that, they're part of like the gay BN and stuff. I'm not part of any of that. You know Only Fans is separate from the studio porn community. 


Yeah and also you must be making so much more money than you would make in porn. 


Reno: There's like no money left. Like they've offered me like the best they can do from different websites and like I make like three times that if I release a video by itself.  


Exactly that's good point actually. Would you say it was like the death of studio porn? 


Reno: I feel like it's been dying for a long time and going down just because people aren't using VSH tapes and I think that's where they really thrive. That was the golden era of porn when people were buying tapes and that was the only place to get it. The internet is what really killed porn with all the pirating and everything going on. But Only Fans is definitely like the last nail in the coffin I think for studio porn. 


Yeah well, the thing it's like you said you do a scene and um if you've got like somebody else in here and you've got really good lighting etcetera that is sort of the same thing isn't it really? 


Reno: Yeah for sure and I'll have like a cameraman. I'm like my own porn studio, but I make all the rules for myself; it's great. 


You write, direct and get the funds. So, you can obviously pay your cameraman and that's fine but then the rest is for you. 


Reno: Yeah. Then it's great because when you work with other guys like it's all your own money. Like if you're working with somebody else, they get to post it on your page. It's not like you're splitting the income. Because I've built up my following, they don't have any right to take the money that I make off the video they just have to go make it themselves with the video. So, it's like about how hard you hustle and what you build up. And I really like that because then you just see the fruits of your labor and you get everything. 


You're your own boss, really aren't you? 


Reno: Mm-hmm. 


Obviously because porn was always about like, “You know I'm my own boss. I'd do my own thing.” Like especially with women it was like feminism and all that kind of stuff and like you know and obviously that you know men were directing etcetera. But now them and you, you hold all the cards. 


Reno: Yeah and I've never done like studio porn but I can't- I don't know I can't imagine what that's like having someone like just tell you what to do. Like if I want to do something, I'm going to do it. If I want to lick a nipple, I'm going to lick a nipple because I want to not because someone's telling me to [laughter] you know. 

And they’re like, “And go!”  


Reno: Yeah, it's just like more organic, it's more fun and you get to do it with your buddies and like pick who you want. 


Exactly. So, obviously you were saying before about Only Fans and you support other people. So, do you see anyone else as competition or are you just like, let's all be friends.  


Reno: Do what? 


Do you see anybody else as competition or are you like, “Let's all be friends”? 


Reno: Yeah no, let's all be friends. Let's all hustle together and help each other out and promote each other.  


[Laughs] Well I think well I mean I think it's about obviously like you said I mean that's only you with your personalities even if somebody came along with your sort of look, they don't have your personality, so that's what it's about. 


Reno: I mean, like definitely like with any social media of course you're going to get in your head sometimes and feel like a little bit low about yourself and compare yourself to others. Like that's just normal. Like social media is so bad for your self-esteem. But you have to like take that with a grain of salt and just realize like what you do have and be grateful for what you have because no one else can replicate that if you're really showing your true self online. 


Yeah absolutely. So, who would you say was like your best pal on Only Fans? 


Reno: My best pal and Only Fans… I've never met them I'm dying to do a scene with them. Probably Handsome Buck. Fuck, I don't know his real name or not his real name his like Instagram name. I'm looking him up really quick. 


That's not his real name. 


Reno: Max Buck or something. Anyways his Only Fans is handsome buck and he lives in the UK and we've been wanting to shoot together but we just haven't been able to because of corona but we do the most shout outs together. He's always like the kindest and like the most honest because a lot of guys you'll ask like what's your percentile and they'll send you somebody else's percentile, it's higher than theirs and stuff. But I've always found that he's like very honest. I want to work with people like that. Also, peachy Sam, he shoots with him a lot. So, I'm just so ready for the quarantine to be over, so I can go to the UK, they can come here and we can film together because they're killing it as well. So, shout out to Handsome Buck and Peachy Sam. 


Absolutely. But also, you said like you're just saying how people give you different percentages blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. Do you think there is quite a lot of dishonesty there? 


Reno: Hell yeah. People Photoshop it and they'll do all these different things. So, what you have is I'll have people like say- because I've been in the top 0.0 percentile for like six months, and what that means, so there's top 0.1%. But I’m top 0.0%, and the lowest I've gotten is 0.04 percentile. 




Reno: And I stayed there for like two months. I was the highest paid male for a while. 


 In the world? 


Reno: Yes. 




Reno: I've almost at a million dollars in sales, so it's going to be about one month and then we're going to hit a million. 


Oh, so sales as in how much you've made in total. 


Reno: Gross sales, so before they take their cut. 


So, that’s not how much you’ve made in total. 


Reno: Yes, they take 20%. 


But you never thought it would make you a millionaire did you eh? 


Reno: No, I definitely. I didn't definitely did not start out with those intentions. I kind of started out because I was like “Fuck I'm kind of struggling you know.” I had no idea it would blow up like this. 


Absolutely. I mean, like what would be your worry? I mean, I know you're investing which is so important. Would you ever would you have any other worries about it at all like closing or taxes or anything like that? Do you have to you have to be mindful of your taxes etcetera? 


Reno: Luckily, I've been on top of that. I have a really good team. I have a good lawyer. I have a good what's it called financial advisor who invests in stocks for me; so, he's handling all my stocks I don't even do that. Then I just have a good family behind me to pay my taxes on time. So, I think I just have really good people around me and that's why I have succeeded. Because if I didn't have like my family, they're like, “Oh you need to pay taxes.” Like I probably wouldn't have and I'd be fucked right now. [Laughter]  


I know. 


Reno: A lot of guys don't have that. So, a lot of the new guys I tell them and I hook them up with my financial advisor. I tell them who my lawyer is, my copyright team because I want to help the new guys out who don't have the same things that I have. Because a lot of guys come into this and they don't have the family unit. They don't have a lot of the blessings that I had coming into this. So, I definitely want to share that and be a helpful person to the new guys. 


Yeah absolutely. I mean obviously as you said it's about being community and not trying to screw anybody over or like lie or anything like that. So, obviously you're looking forward to uh the end of lockdown and what's going to be the first thing you do? 


Reno: I'm so sorry, what did you say? 


What's going to be the first thing you do after lockdown when you can fly and do all this stuff? 


Reno: Well hopefully Peachy Sam comes down here to me. I'm in Miami, so he flies out here every so often. He said, when quarantine lives, he's going to come down and we're going to film together. So, I look forward to that the most. Also not work related, I'm going to take my family on a cruise to Alaska when I can.  




Reno: It's been on their bucket list. 


Yeah that's super nice. Of course, there's so much you can do for your family now, you could never do before. That must be such a nice feeling. It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it really? 


Reno: It really does. Yeah, it's really awesome. I've been able to keep the money in the family as well because I mean my properties, I don't have time to be managing them like closely. So, my mom had been looking for work for a while and she's kind of having a hard time, so I hired her as a property manager which is really amazing.  


Yeah and she's never going to screw you over, is she? [Laughter] 


Reno: Right, no she won't. 


Well that's the thing- 


Reno: It brought us all closer for sure. I mean, I have nieces and nephews that I'm able to start college funds for I'm just really starting to think about how I can help the ones closest to me now that I'm able to. 


How would you explain to your nieces and nephews about it? 


Reno: Oh my god, I've never thought about that. I'd probably just say that I own like properties. I'd work for a little bit until they get older and then when they're old enough maybe their parents can tell them. I don't know. I think it'll be more up to like my sisters what they want to tell them. I'm not going to. Whatever they want me to say I'll say it. 


I'll go along with it. 


Reno: Yeah. 


Well that is the thing. I mean, like if it wasn't for you know like pirating as you said. Does Only Fans take stuff down from like Pornhub or things like that or whatever? 


Reno: I don't think so [laughs]. I don't think they're policing content. But I have my own copyright team that does. So, yeah. 

Unless somebody followed your Only Fans, I mean like by rights they should never see your content anyway. 


Reno: Honestly my team has done a really good job. Like all my scenes have gotten out at some point, but they got taken down within like a day. So, I mean like in that day, they'll get so many views then it gets taken down. I'm always coming out with so much new shit like not like not all of it gets out. I mean, like most of the duos have, but not all the time. Yeah, I mean I'm always coming out with so much content that like being subscribed is worth it and then also you have the personal connection there, so we message each other which is a big selling factor. But I mean all the pictures and stuff you're not going to get that on the internet. 


No, absolutely. 


Reno: I'm constantly doing new shoots so like to stay up to date you got to be on the site or else, you know you're going to have to really search for it and who has time for that [laughter]. 


People do, don't worry about that [laughs]. 


Reno: I know they do believe me.  


Well yeah, I think that that's about it really. It's been really eye-opening actually. Like it's nice to talk to somebody that you know your head screwed on and you know when you're a decent person about it. It's a nice talking to someone who isn’t a money grabbing shit bag. Yay! 


Reno: I know. People are surprised a lot of times. They’re like, “I thought you were going to be like a bad person who just wanted my money.” 


But the thing is though you're providing a service


Reno: Yeah. 


That's the thing like if people like you were saying before about you know, they have more money to throw away and if they if they want to pay for it, then of course you're willing to give it to them. 


Reno: Yeah. I don't think it's throwing it away. I mean, my Only Fans is cheaper than therapy [laughter]. 


I don't mean throwing it away, as in like excess money per month that they would use on something else. Do you know what I mean? I guess it's a British phrase “throw away money”. Stick it down the drain in porn. [Laughter] 


Reno: No. Honestly, it's art what I put into it. 


It is art of course. 


Reno: I'm not putting anyone down- everyone runs their page differently. But most of these guys are just jerking off in their apartment, they're taking pictures like just dick pics like this in their apartment. I get a new location every single week that I shoot at. I'm always in a new location, always doing something different, I'm always getting different outfits. Like every month I buy like 100 new pieces of clothing that I'm going to use for different like outfits and scenes. 


Yeah. What do you think of actually- like I was working on something and so a lot of the guys that do it that make a lot of money are straight and they're doing it like even if they're just like pissing or like wandering around. Like as you said they're not putting anything into that. So, obviously a lot of people are paying them for it. Do you like resent the fact that you put so much into yours? 


Reno: I mean, I'm not going to knock that hustle if that works for them that's awesome. I tried to do that, but then just like really sexual so I wanted to go farther. But if you don't want to go farther and you're making good money like I won’t knock their hustle. I think that's amazing. 


Well you're an artist as you said. Do you direct it all yourself etcetera? Because obviously like it is artistic. You buy the stuff… 


Reno: Everything's me. I edit, I come up with the concepts, I direct when we're filming.  


Well that’s a skill in itself. You can use those skills at a later date in something that wasn't even porn. Do you know what I mean? Like with anything. 


Reno: Yeah, I'm sure it'll come in handy [laughter]. I don't know it well yet. I don't know, maybe some other projects like my YouTube and stuff like it really has helped with that because then I come up with a concept and like, “Okay I know what I want to do.” So, yeah. It's so much harder to film for YouTube for me. I find it so much easier for Only Fans just because it's not like talking as much. Like I have story lines but it's not like in-depth like talking like on YouTube. 




Reno: I need to learn how to do like outlines. You know what I mean? Like outline the video before I start talking. 


Well you just need to write yourself some notes that's all. Write a few notes where you're going and then like just follow your notes really. 


Reno: Yeah. 


That's my advice. 


Reno: I need your note-taking skills. I feel like you set up this interview very good [laughter]. 


Oh, thanks very much. I'm not even sure if it's recorded, but I'm praying it is. 


Reno: Oh my god it better be recorded. 


I know. It is, don't worry. All right, well listen thank you so much. 


Reno: Thank you. 


Thanks for being part of it.


Reno: Awesome. Thank you.  


Thanks mister. Take care. 


Reno: Bye. 


Interviewer: Bye. 


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