Richard Madden in his Boxer Shorts? Portis Wasp says yes.

Richard Madden Open Legged in his Underwear? Artist Portis Wasp images it for you. 

Richard Madden Legs in Boxer Shorts

Cover of British GQ Magazine. Richard Madden sits back in an arm chair, his right arm behind his head while his left hand slowly slides inside the waistband of his white boxer shorts. Sadly the cover is just a college, a portmanteau of two images and the imagination of talented digital artist Portis Wasp

Richard Madden GQ Magazine cover

Image copyright British GQ Magazine. No thighs on display sadly. 


Richard Madden - More Than Robb Stark. 

Cast your minds back, it's late 2018 and the most concerning thing about 'Corona' was a potential hangover. Dig a little deeper in your memory bank for something more notable and you should remember Richard Madden starring as a political protection Police Officer in the gripping drama / thriller Bodyguard. 


First shown on The BBC in the UK before being sold on and syndicated worldwide by Netflix, Scotsman Madden played a skilled British cop who was assigned as close personal protection officer to fictional Home Secretary Julia Montague played by Keeley Hawes. If you've yet to see the 6 part show we won't ruin the plot for you, but safe to say there's some imitate action that is worth watching. 


 Richard Madden shows his toned body in tight jeans and a jumper

Pictured back in 2018 Richard Madden makes a visit to The IMDB Show for an interview. Dressed a navy blue and tan cashmere sweater, stone washed dark grey jeans and tanned Chelsea boots. 15th November 18 (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb. 


Self Confidence Issues?

Speaking with Miranda Sawyer at the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian, he recanted how he used to be overweight. 

After getting into a top drama school he said he cut carbs to lose weight: “I didn’t want to be the fattest boy in drama school”. 

Even at the time of the interview in September 2019, Rich confided: “I don’t like the look of me in the mirror,”. 

Even the most gorgeous of guys get hung up on their looks. 


Is Richard Madden Gay?

He's got a string of ex-girlfriends including TV stars Caroline Flack and Laura Whitmore, so why even ask if he's gay?

Well, Stanford Arts Review amongst other news outlets have talked about the rumours concerning Richard Madden's sexuality and the suggestion that he dated fellow actor Brandon Flynn. You might recognise Flynn from 13 Reasons Why in which he played the lead role of Justin Foley. 

The whisperings and rumours intensified when Madden played a gay character in the Elton John biopic Rocket Man and the pair were pictured looking very cosy, the word being the pair had moved in together. 

During an interview with the New York Times the Scottish actor was asked directly about the rumours that he and Flynn were dating, and his answer was well, unforthcoming. He responded by saying he was “unbothered by the question but in no hurry to answer it.

Continuing he said “I just keep my personal life personal....

"I’ve never talked about my relationships.”

When he was asked about playing a gay character he told an unknown source, “It’s a really terrible route to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their personal lives. We have to focus more on diversity and having everyone represented, but I’m also a firm believer in the best actor for the part.”


Well whatever the nature of Madden and Flynn's relationship the pair are said to have fallen out for one reason or another. 

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