Riverdale's KJ Apa abs 🙌

We have recently been obsessing over Riverdale's own, KJ Apa, if you havent heard (or seen) of the flame haired hottie, then we suggest you get your Netflix turned on and start binging on the show. 

KJ plays Archie Andrews in the Netflix series, where he caught our eye, which lead us to his Instagram, and wow that is something. KJ already has around 10 million followers, considering he has only been in the public eye for around 3-4 years and there being 3 series of Riverdale. But we can certainly see why he is popular on the social media site,  posting everything from topless shots of his very, very, very ripped body, gym work outs, cast pictures and even hilarious videos of himself.

We are officially a fan girl for this heartthrob, and trust us, if you start looking at his Instagram, you will to!

We love when a waist band of white boxers peep over jeans. Oh, the puppy is cute too!🐶

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The tribe has spoken.

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 Showing off his abs of steel in a pair of white sport shorts in the sun. Yes please!☀

21 year old, Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa (KJ) landed the role of Archie Andrews after the casting of the show embarked on a three month global search and he was the final character to be chosen for the show.

According to Capital FM, the show's creator said: "We found K.J. three days before we were supposed to test Archies in front of the studio. So he was really slotted in at the last minute." - looks like it was fate. 

Being from Auckland, New Zealand means he puts on an accent during the show, he's previously admitted that "having a New Zealand accent increases your chances by like 50 percent." It definitely would increase the chances with us too, not that he needs to try, look at him!


 Working out and looking good in a pair of black sport shorts.🔥

We know you are currently searching for Riverdale season 1, right? 



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