Jail bait - sexy prisoners and sex in prison

jeremy meeks black tshirt necklace

Definitely Meeks and mild - Jeremy flashes a smile 


This week there was a first for the UK when a gay prisoner in a Northern Irish jail brought a lawsuit against the system itself for not providing sex aids such as condoms, lube, dental dams and anti-septic tablets.


The unnamed gay man is currently serving time in Maghaberry Prison near the town of Lisburn is citing a totally archaic policy that prohibits prisons from distributing the condoms, lube etc. In the eyes of his lawyer Gavin Booth of Phoenix Law in Northern Ireland, this means that the prison service wasn’t providing 'effective access to preventative measures to prevent sexually transmitted infection.'


jeremy meeks topless on catwalk

Tatts your lot with Jeremy Meeks and his prison honed physique


One of the sticking points of the case is that all the sexual aids are provided in prisons in the other UK countries England and Wales meaning that the failure to provide these things in Northern Ireland is tantamount to a breach in the European Convention of Human Rights.


Gay sex in prison has always been a topic of conversation (and stimulation) for straight and gay men alike. There have been TV shows about it, countless porn movies and scenes for decades.


There’s even something ‘romantic’ about being a criminal. Prisoners the world over, no matter what heinous crimes they may have committed, are often on the receiving end of fan mail and pen pals with women and men practically throwing themselves at them.



wentworth miller with shirt and black jacket

Prison Break's Wentworth Miller came out in real life in 2013


One such example is Jeremy Meeks, the ‘hot felon’. His striking look including a perfect bone structure, sexy ‘prison tats’ and unusual icy blue eyes, Meeks went viral with a simple mug shot and never looked back. After doing his time he found himself in the good graces of the fashion industry, landing a modelling contract and then a girlfriend in the shape of Top Shop heiress Chloe Green. The Greens don’t get the best of press but kudos to Chloe for using her ‘charms’ to snag Meeks and have a baby with him.


tom hardy at bronson premiere

Baby faced Tom Hardy at the premiere of Bronson 


TV and movies have also certainly glorified a bit of prison life, with varying degrees of sexual content. Orange Is The New Black was chock full of gay sex and the nineties TV series Oz also had an array of gay scenes and characters.


Wentworth Miller from the TV show shocked the world when he came out and that was in no small reason because he played a macho jailbird in the show. Tom Hardy has played a few criminals in his time, rarely wearing a shirt as Charles Bronson and went full on gay gangster as both Krays twins in Legend.

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