Sexiest GAA Men: Paddy Holloway


Sexiest GAA Men: Paddy Holloway 

Welcome to todays edition of the Sexiest GAA Men. This showcase will be on Paddy Holloways. One of the most low-key and quiet presence in this age of clout chasing and influencers. While refreshing it did make finding these pictures a bit of a mission. Not to fret we still came through for you. If theres sexy ass pictures our highly specialised research team will sniff them out.



Above: Sexy GAA Man Paddy Holloway can be seen doing what he does best in the middle of an intense looking game in a Burgundy Red sports kit and white shorts.

 Above: It's not all sun and rainbows. Seen here Paddy getting checked out after receiving a hard knock. Unfortunately after this injury Paddy would go on to miss a few games. 
Below: Fortunately look at this little cutie with Holloway that  can give him all the loving needed to comeback from the injury.  

@OrlaithOb123 wasn't involved what so ever #lovepuppies

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