Sexiest GAA Men: Fergal Moore

Sexiest GAA Men: Fergal Moore

Continuing on in this series, we have a GAA favourite today. Strap in, it's about to get crazy.

This hunk here was born 7th July 1982 and made his first hurling appearance in the game in the 2004 national league (also the younger brother to former Galway Hurler, Cathal). Moore also plays for Turloughmore Hurling club as a junior.  Fergal Moore debuted in 1999 and made the Galway senior team in 2004, winning the national hurling league. Eventually becoming the captain of the senior hurling team in 2012. 

Anyways, this is not a wiki entry so lets get to what we're all really and truly here for. 


Above: Fergal Moore, seen here in his burgundy shirt and white short-fit sports trunks. In the middle of a game while the crowd looks on. No doubt staring in awe at this sexy man. 

Above: Moore strikes a powerful stance for this picture and we are here for it.  Again in his burgundy and white kit gripping the hurling stick (commonly referred to as a Hurley). Looking like the goddamn son of Poseidon. 

Above: I know I said son of Poseidon but Fergal Moore coming like the God of war here. Especially with those arms and thighs. I can only imagine the power in that swing too. RIP to whoever got laid out on the floor, although I am jealous of that view.


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