Sexy Cosplay – Guys Taking the Comic Strip Literally

 cosplay captain america and ghost rider

We don't remember Captain America in these shorts... 


At the weekend we talked about everything we were missing out on with the Olympics due to be on right now in Tokyo. What hasn’t slipped us by however is that it was also supposed to be Comic-Con 2020 this weekend as well.


For those that don’t know, Comic-Con is huge business and gathers together massive names from the world of movies, science fiction, fantasy, games, toys, television and yes, comics for a weekend of announcements, events, screenings and everything in between. This year, we got all the announcements and trailers, with some big stars talking about their upcoming projects, but all online with Comic-Con@Home.


Comics coming home

While this is a great alternative, it was missing all the pomp and ceremony of the actual event, but also it was missing the cos-play. ‘Comic-Con? Cosplay? Am I on the right website?’ we hear you cry! Bear with, you’ll thank us.


3 cosplay guys with spray on costumes

Well there's skintight and there's just painted on


Cosplay is where you dress up like a character from games, cartoons, comics or movies in as precise a fashion as you can muster. Imagine going to a Halloween party at a really posh place and you know that if your costume is crappy you may as well not bother. People spend a LOT of time and money getting these looks just right.


The thing about cosplay for guys though is that it only really works if you’re some sort of monster or you’re stacked. The majority of male comic, game and cartoon characters is that they are mostly in skin-tight spandex with bulging muscles and crotches to match.


It's all about the dress up 


What better way to celebrate Comic-Con 2020 then than to look at some guys who really have pushed the boundaries with the art of cosplay! Whether it's spending a fortune on a custom made costume, making one yourself or just spray painting your muscles the colour of you favourite super hero (with matching underwear if course), anyone can get into it - with varying degrees of success. 


We had a chat with Rhys Berresford, a Hong Kong based cosplay artist and asked how he got into it 'It honestly started as a hobby but I started getting paid jobs to do promotions and events' says Rhys, 'Sadly nothing had come up this year doe to covid but I do plan to cosplay again as soon as I can'. Rhys does a variety of different characters and we're hoping the cosplay community is back up a running as soon as possible!


man dressed as luigi with bulge

It's a-Luigi, he's a-gonna win! 


We couldn't write a piece about cosplay without giving this guy a special mention. Who do you think of when you think sexy cosplay characters? He-Man? Thor? Probably not Mario, and even less so his brother Luigi. And yet it's been done, of course, by Instagram cosplay artist superxluigi. We're not sure Nintendo would approve of his NSFW plumbers outfit though, complete with bulge where he's keeping his super mushroom. 

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