Should I Try Wearing a Jockstrap?

In short, the answer is of course YES. Why the hell not?! If you are intrigued by a jockstrap, then who are you harming if you give one a go. And if you are feeling slightly sheepish, then nobody's going to know!

Jockstraps aren't exactly a new concept. A jockstrap, also known as a jockey strap, athletic underwear, or groin guard, has been around since the 19th century, first appearing on the market in the United States in 1874. The jockstrap's original purpose was to prevent butt chafing for bicycle riders in the past. And as we know, nobody likes the chafe! So wearing a jock is a good place if you are looking for ways to stop chafing. 

However, in recent years, jocks have been widely used for a myriad of purposes, whether it's for the gym, grooving on the dance floor, or spicing things up in the bedroom.  

When to Wear a Jockstrap?

Well first off, Jockstraps were originally worn for sports, to keep you in place and give you that added support, but also a measure of protection. 

 Aussie Boy Braydan wearing Box

 However, Jockstraps are not only for sports. With the supportive straps that Box Menswear Jockstraps have to offer, they give your derrière that added boost to make it look extra peachy. Why not wear a jockstrap under your smart suit trousers during a normal day in the office. You'll have everyone starting at how juicy your butt looks, but also no one will know you are wearing a Jockstrap if you are just trying it out for the first time. WIN WIN! 

Another occasion you could wear a jockstrap is in the bedroom! Whether you want to spice up things with your partner, or just trying something new, a Jockstrap is the perfect place to start. Box Menswear's ribbed Jockstraps offer a form of comfort for if you are a newbie, ensuring your package is brushed up against soft material so there will be no rubbing in this area! T

Or if you are feeling a little bit more kinky, the Suspender 2.0 Jock from Box Menswear adds that little bit of sex appeal to your underwear, without being too OTT! We're obsessed with the colours, so we highly recommend this product!  

Picture this, you're sat at your desk clock-watching and thinking what on earth can make the mundane day in the office a bit more exciting... well a JOCKSTRAP! Wearing a Jockstrap under your suit for the day is a guaranteed way of making the day in the office a bit more liberating. Wearing a jock will also lift and shape your derrière to the perfect peach, so you will 100% have heads turning, which is a confidence boost to say the least! 

So to answer the question and in our honest opinion, you should absolutely try wearing a jockstrap. Whatever the occasion, no one has to know and it can be your own little way of making yourself feel great. You never know, you might be converted to only ever wearing jockstraps, and we are here in full support of that! 





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