Slip Inside A Pair Of BOX Briefs

We know that wearing briefs keeps everything tucked away and gives full support, unlike a pair of boxers which make you feel a little freer.

That’s why at BOX we stock a simple yet supportive style of briefs, fit for everyman’s wardrobe. Briefs are an underwear classic, they’re high up the leg with a classic look that epitomize underwear, they’re best used when wearing slightly tighter fitting clothing and help to keep everything in place and secure. A standard go-to style for underwear, they cover your entire backside and package, leaving your upper thighs and leg exposed, making them comfortable with almost anything.  Whether its for everyday dressing or physical activities such as sports, briefs help to keep everything in check, whilst still remaining comfortable. BOX mens briefs follow the same formula. Created using the softest Cotton and combined with a elasticated waist, branded with the distinctive BOX logo, these sleek, supportive and frankly quite sexy briefs belong in your wardrobe. Experience comfort and style, moulded into the perfect brief with BOX Briefs, available in both white and black briefs for simple yet effective style. Anybody can be a BOX boy and with our varied sizes ranging from Small to X-Large there’s something for every package. So why not slip yourself into a pair, feel comfortable and send us a selfie of you in your BOX!


Top Tips To Look After Your BOX Briefs:

  • When Washing, use a cool wash to ensure the material does not shrink and the material stays soft and comfortable.

  • Stop the wear and tear of your briefs by turning them inside out when washing and drying. This reduces pilling which contributes to dulling of the fabric and when drying, stops the sun zapping colour right out of the material.

  • Washing too often can cause wear and tear, and do not mix colours with whites. This will help to keep the full colour in the material.

Take a look at some of our BOX boys showing off their briefs.

White BriefsMax White Briefs

As always, you can find more about our briefs by visiting our website, and can view and purchase more of our underwear collections on our product pages. For more sexy images and stories from BOX and the boys, you can read more of our blogs and check out more of the boys here.

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