Teasing in my G-String: Box’s Latest Product Release

For years all we ever got asked was "where is the thong". You asked, and we delivered in the fall of last year and the world went mad for our first ever male thong releases. After the success of the black and white cotton variation of the thong it had us thinking - how do we top this? 

Does My Bum Look Big In This?


Although there is no disputing how sexy a thong is on a man, we sought to take it one step further and not only design a G-string... but a lace one at that. We proudly present to you our Lace G-String in all its see through glory.


Canadian model and Instagrams next big thing Matt Luscious fills out the lace pouch on his G-string nicely, showing every last line and contour of his well endowed penis. One glance at the muscular hunk and its impossible to look away. Who says skimpy lace underwear is only for the ladies?


As you can see our extremely thin G-String really accentuates the male bum making it look more peachy than usual, which is an absolute delight to see on the extremely thick Matt Luscious. For those wanting to tease and proudly showcase their best assets, the G-String has you covered on both the front and back. 




Lace on the Brain


The 21 year old Canadian hunk Matt Luscious is one of the most exciting up and coming Instagram accounts right now. With a chiseled body, handsome face and massive bulge, we simply had to have him shooting in our sexiest product yet. As you can see the shoot did not disappoint.



Never wore a Thong or G-string before? Contrary to what you may think, they are surprisingly comfortable! We have designed this G-string to fit snugly into your crotch area and derriere to the point where it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. Although you may think the lace could irritable we selected a special type that doesn't rub and chafe.


Just look at Matt lounging around in his. What are you waiting for?

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