The Bi Life is coming...

The UK’s first ever bisexual dating show is coming to E! on Thursday 25th October, and the cast has been revealed.

The new dating show will be hosted by Ru Paul's Drag Race and Celebrity Big Brother winner Courtney Act. Running over 10 weeks the cast of Brits will be jetting off to Barcelona to find love. According to ‘Cocktails and Cocktalk’, Courtney uncovers “There’s been lots of sparks and some tears. When someone goes on a date, the rest of the cast sometimes have the opportunity to watch them on the date. It’s kind of like watching a sports match, your team and the opposition but you want it to end well.”

We for one are so excited about The Bi Life, it is the first show of its kind and we think about time that TV changed with the times and started representing everyone. We all deserve to find love, right?

Sky Media states “With the number of British people defining themselves bisexual rising by 45% in three years, and a demand for audiences to see themselves represented on television, The Bi Life is a world first reality program commissioned exclusively for the UK market about Bi-Sexual dating.” This is an amazing first step for the LGBT community and the world in general, to start opening up TV to everyone and not sticking to the traditional roots we’ve previously known.

The first full look at the cast has been revealed and the lads happen to catch our eyes…



According to, Kyle only came out as bisexual last year and so is very much at the beginning of his journey to understand more about his own sexuality. But is diving in head first on The Bi Life, check out his Instagram for some cheeky gym selfies and topless pics of Kyle.


International swimmer Michael has previously competed at the Rio Olympic games and now will be competing for LOVE. Well done Michael, we will be watching you! Head to his Instagram for any topless pics of Micheal wearing nothing but swimming briefs. 


Ryan's instagram already has a whopping 50.1K followers, previously appearing on ITV2's Survival Of The Fittest in which he actually came out as bisexual. This Manchester born hunk loves a mirror selfie in his underwear, which we are very happy about!


 Matt's instagram is bursting with topless pics posing in underwear and swim shorts as well as looking smart on nights out with friends. From what we can see his body is chiseled well and we definitely think he will be a favourite with both girls and boys.


What are your thoughts on The Bi Life boys? Would you like to see some of them do a shoot with BOX? Drop us a comment and let us know! 


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