The BB Showers Are Back, and They're Making Us Hungary!


Ah the reality show showers. They bring back such pleasant memories. The nation got a wee peak at Vernon Kay's sexy dad bod in this year's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here recently, but in Hungary they are delivering the full monty.


Whilst ITV is about to go Full Monty On Ice this festive season, the Hungarian version of Big Brother (catchily called Valo Vilag over there) treated viewers in the eastern bloc a bit of full frontal dick and ass communal shower action. The two hot contestants had no qualms about getting their muscled and tatted up bods out for the lads in the latest series of the popular show.


Get your kit off 


Sadly, the days of naked showers, hot tubs and midnight swims maybe tragically over in this country since Big Brother was cancelled, the Hungarian version of the show is much racier, with contestants having full sex with not much in the way of censorship. Ironic coming from a country that purports to be strictly religious!


 hungarian big brother contestants in shower naked

Slippery when wet, the BB boys have a scrub down


Only last week an openly anti LGBT Hungarian politician Jozsef Szajer had to resign when he was caught fleeing a 25-man gay orgy in Brussels. OOPS! You can bet he was a fan of the lads on Valo Vilag, having a good hate-wank at the shower scenes before he went and tried to scour off the shame in his own bathroom.


Stiff upper lip 


The Europeans have always been far more laissez faire when it comes to nudity than us buttoned up Brits. A quick peruse of PornHub and you’ll find most of the Euro porn is not from the Brits. We did a piece about BelAmi recently who have been doing their thing for over 20 years and are still going strong.


Hungarian Big Brother contestants naked in shower

Definitely have a more stringent selection process over there


The whole Hungarian Big Brother has made us hanker for the Big Brother days of old. It was always a bit of darkened room silent fumbling but nevertheless we loved it. There must come a time when they will show a lot more than they do now on UK TV. Back in the day you were lucky to get a glimpse and you’ll miss it cock shot. Let’s hope that when Big Brother finally comes back to our screens they take a leaf out of Valo Vilag’s book and give the public what they want…more gratuitous shower scenes with uncensored bedroom access! The campaign starts here.


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