BREAKING NEWS! There have reported sightings of a creature on the loose. Over the years, there have been tales and sightings of the intimidating and powerful Hammaconda. It has been described as a huge monster that dwells in between the legs of Jon Hamm, and yes we have been talking about his huge penis this entire time. 

Over the years, Jon Hamm has been going crazy viral with his vpl being captured all over the place, peeking out, wanting to say hello. To honour and commemorate this, our state of the art research team has come together again to find you these rare sightings and compiled them for your viewing pleasure. 

Needless to say, as the hammaconda has been so attention grabbing even James Corden had to know what was lurking down there. On his interview show segment "spill your guts or fill your guts" corden couldn't help himself from asking how big it. 

"Show me with your hands, how big The Hammaconda really is.' Corden asked giddily. 

However, the hammaconda appeared to be shy as Hamm chose to eat a Bulls Penis instead!😳 

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