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An all new gym has opened up in Paris, France, allowing you to workout wearing nothing but your birthday suit, making your workouts that little more interesting! With a range of sports and classes available such as Yoga, Water Aerobics, Swimming and Gym sessions, you can get buff in the buff and really get a full body sweat on without the need for ruining your clothes.

Known as a wellness centre, it’s a nudist’s paradise. However, there are a few rules to spoil the fun… Towels must always be used on the gym equipment which is understandable, but what’s more ironic is if you fancy a dip in the pool.

You’re more than welcome to skinny dip and swim at your leisure in nothing but the nude, but make sure you’re wearing your swimming cap as its compulsory! Imagine walking into the gym in your BOX sport shorts then realising you can whip them straight off and jump on the treadmill, it would be a treat, wouldn’t it?

It may not be seen as common practice in modern times, but workout out in the nude was the usual in Ancient Greece, where athletes would compete naked, to not only show off their physical prowess but also to impress Greek God Zeus. We know that people nowadays may not be trying to impress Zeus, but we’d be more than happy to step in and be impressed by people’s physical prowess…

Naked Gym

The Naked Gym idea might seem far-fetched and very outside the box, but did you know that the term ‘gymnasium’ can be traced back to mean “to train naked” since ‘gymnos’ translates to “naked”.  With a rich historical legacy, there’s no reason as to why the new naked gym can’t be a success. The idea of naked establishments is quickly becoming a bit of a trend, especially in France where there an abundance of spots reserved for nudists across France, including 73 beaches and over 150 camping spots, all perfect for the 2.6 million people in France, who have made nudism a regular habit.

Although it may not be globally accepted to drop your draws and get on the treadmill, you can still look and feel good with a pair of BOX mesh sport shorts, specifically designed to be comfortable when working out. With a breathable mesh material woven into the shorts, they are the ultimate and essential gym attire for when you need to cover up. Check out some of our previous blog posts to find out what it’s like to slip inside a pair of BOX briefs or if you’re in the mood for some more naked news, why not see our top 5 BOX bums to feast upon

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