Benjamin Agoyer -hottest drag queen in the world?

Benjamin Beau Menteur in bath

Banjamin Agoyer takes a nice hot soak


When it comes to drag queens, you think of Baga Chipz or Jujubee or Bianca Del Rio but you don’t usually think ‘oh he’s a hunk’. Well, that’s all about to change when you meet hot model and drag queen Benjamin Agoyer.



The hot performer resides in Paris and does various racy shows as well as some drag so he’s a multi-faceted artiste which is tres Parisian of course. Photographer Marc Martin plucked him as his muse, being his sole model for a new book and exhibit.


Giving us full on Tom Hardy hard ons


According to Edge mag he ‘met Benjamin through a mutual friend. "An arranged marriage," laughed Benjamin, who comes from Angevin before coming to Paris where he worked as a drag queen. "...when I arrived in Paris, I discovered cabaret which gave me even more desires. I wanted to go beyond cross-dressing, on the drag-queen side with a new dynamic by working on the very visual man / woman side, on the sensations. using my masculine side in performances, without it being unhealthy, nor seen as superior to the feminine side." 


The magazine goes on to say that Benjamin’  ‘drag persona is intensely masculine sometimes, intensely feminine at others. He mixes it up with humor, fashion and sensuality. And with his full lips, tightly cropped hair and sexy stare, he resembles the young Tom Hardy’. Something we can appreciate and certainly get on board with, being fans of Mr Hardy.


benjamin agoyer in drag

In or out of drag, Benjamin's a hot baguette!


Apparently, ‘after their first photo session in a bathroom, Martin and Benjamin decided they had a narrative to tell. "I understood that there was a story to tell, I saw its possibilities. It was a kind of test and it launched the Beau project Liar. After we had a lot of fun going from the very feminine side to the very masculine side of Benjamin. We looked for each other and we found common ground, after we had to tell the story."



"The work was organized jointly between photographer and model, each shoot being thought of as a little story, a universe which married, in a fairly natural way, the memories and desires of the two artists, even if it meant making a mistake and trying something else like this, TÊTU. "Explains Benjamin: 'I knew what I didn't want to do but I was open to the rest. I quickly understood that Marc respected me, that he never put me in an uncomfortable position so I let go in all confidence. If we liked it, we kept, otherwise we threw, which was quite comfortable. We did not have a duty to do something successful, we did above all something to have fun. has often agreed!"



benjamin agoyer ass in tights

Hello to his hot ass. Almost as tight as those fish net tights!


In the feature; ‘The photographer also joked on how the nature of suggestive work has changed over the years. "In my time, we would look for sexuality, everywhere, in locker rooms, swimming pools, toilets, today it is everywhere, and suddenly, it is not is seen only as pornography. Beau Menteur , it is my most personal project whereas it only shows Benjamin!"

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