The Best pictures of Football / Soccer players in underwear

Over the years, footballers or soccer players (whatever you want to call them, but seen as we're British we'll stick to football) have been dropping their shorts to show us what they're packing underneath. 

Ronaldo Beckham White Briefs

Whether it's to celebrate that match winning goal, to democrat an impressive bulge, a big advertising pay day, or simply caught short in an accident these football players have exposed themselves plenty over the years, and we're going to show you some of the very best photos of footballers in their underwear. 


Let's make a start with the Italian national football team and Dolce & Gabbana.  

To coincide with a long running sponsorship of the soccer team, Dolce&Gabanna have several times convinced (or obliged) several members of the football team to strip off and pose in their pants, almost invariably wearing briefs, well it is Italy. 

Embellished with various D&G and Calcio designs (apparently a book that was released ahead of the World Cup in Brazil) the chosen from from the team Antonio Di Natale, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Claudio Marchisio, Federico Marchetti and Domenico Criscito, pose up a storm. 

Take a look at the video below followed by a few videos. 


Italian football soccer team in underwear

Picture standing in what we can only assume is the locker room showers, the players all and bulge front and centre with not a smile in sight. 

Italian Football D&G

Italian Football Team Briefs Gym

Finishing up with some more football players inexplicably training in the gym, wearing their Dolce&Gabanna underwear. 

Moving On, David Beckham has stripped to his underwear a few times, let's show you all the pictures.  

You've another Italian fashion house to thank for first undressing David Beckham, this time it's Armani, all the way back in the Summer of 2009. 

The now imfafous ad campaign featured David as a solo before later adding in his wife Victoria Beckham, also in her underwear. 

David Beckham Boxers White

The pictures of David in white boxers, boxer shorts, briefs, all with his bulge popping and his legs wide open sent the world and tabloids (days before Instagram and Snapchat) into a storm! 

David Beckham Bulge Briefs

Fans queued for hours to get their underwear signed by Becks at signings in Selfridges London, and Macy's New York. 

David Beckham Legs Mens Underwear Bulge

Serious looking David was even asked by several interviewers if he had some bulge assistance, due to the size of his manhood, a claim he laughed at and denied. 

Later on David Beckham went on to release his own underwear range with H&M. 

David Beckham Underwear H&M Boxers and Briefs

Featuring simple designs and minimal branding, Beck's line with H&M proved so popular it was later expanded to all things clothing. 

If white underwear is your thing, have a look at ours here

Beckham Boxers

David Beckham HM clothing underwear

If the pictures are not enough for you, here's a little video of the Super Bowl ad where David Beckham appeared in his white boxers. 

Next up, pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo in his underwear. 

He's a good few years younger than David Beckham, and it seems Cristiano Ronaldo along with playing for Manchester UTD has followed in Beck's footsteps in other areas too. 

Ronaldo also posed for Armani, not just in his briefs & boxers, but also for Armani Jeans, remember that smile below? 

Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Jeans Smile Haircut

Sporting a smart short back and sides haircut, the Portuguese footballer emulated David Beckham's campaign a few years later. Now, his clothes off? 

Cristiano Ronaldo Underwear Trunks briefs

He made the hand to the face pose famous, with people around the globe and social media joining in. Ronaldo has his bulge on show and his ripped abs and body look brilliant. Wonder what that would look like in these trunks

Want to see a bit more of him and his body? Here's a really sexy video of Cristiano Ronaldo in the famous 'house keeping' ad for Georgio Armani. 

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