Tokyo Olympics Games 2020 – What we’re all missing

Arthur Zanetti from Brazil with muscly arms outstretched

Arthur Zanetti of Brazil shows us some serious artillery


This weekend would have been seen the first rounds of the 2020 Olympics Games but alas they weren’t to be. The Covid-19 pandemic tragically put paid to this year’s game which were dubbed as being the best yet with Tokyo putting on the show to end all shows.


With the Olympic villages all having been completed and the numerous stadiums, tracks and fields all set, its eerie and devastating to see them all left un-used. The effort that must have gone into these games is phenomenal so the world collectively holds its breath that they can go ahead in 2021 as planned.


In the meantime, we must spare more than a few thoughts for the athletes. Seeing as the Games are only once every four years and the window in which an athlete can compete is relatively small compared to other sports or careers, they can train their whole lives and only ever get to compete at two or three Olympic games.


There is so much we are going to miss in the next two weeks. The national spirit, the human triumphs… the guys in lycra. Despite our disappointment about the games, one of the things we are really going to miss is all that toned man candy.


Peter Waterfield of team GB in tiny trunks 

Peter Waterfield of team GB in tiny trunks, not a budgie in sight


The Olympics are the perfect excuse to remember just how much you love sports. What better way to check out hot guys in tiny bulging shorts than by supporting Team GB? We are going to look back at the sports that caught our collective eyes and remind ourselves why we will always be fans of the games.





You just can’t go wrong with these guys. Upper body strength is a must in gymnastics almost as much as flexibility. With the various disciplines, there’s something entertaining throughout and you get hench guys from around the world flexing, spinning and performing feats we’d all be useless at.





We can always make time in our schedule for the diving. Not only is it damn impressive to see what these guys can do but they wear the teeny tiniest budge smugglers known to man. The acrobatic prowess is almost matched by their hotness and we’re totally here for it.


Kyle Frederick Snyder (Red) of the United States competes against Khetag Goziumov (blue) of Azerbaijan

Kyle Frederick Snyder (Red) of the United States competes against Khetag Goziumov (blue) of Azerbaijan



We don’t really need to explain the appeal of wrestling to the viewer. Two sweaty guys in wrestling onesies going at it to see who will be declared the victor does what it says on the tin. A special mention must go to judo and taekwondo as well, for similar reasons other than the outfits aren’t quite as erotic.




The Olympic swimming goes on for ages so there usually a round to watch. The amount of strokes and lengths means there are plenty of medals to fight for. It’s all about lung capacity in swimming so the bigger the chest the better. Throw in the aquadynamic suits and it’s another sport we suddenly must support when the Olympics are on.


Adam Peaty takes to the diving board

 Adam Peaty takes to the diving board


So, there we have it. While of course the beach volleyball, the rugby and the football are great these are our picks of the pics. Don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about the athletics, we’ll be doing a special bulge round up very soon, watch this space.

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