Tom Holland Dad Tried To Stop Him Dressing As Woman

British Actor Tom Holland has revealed that his father tried to prevent him dressing in drag. 

In a new interview with his native edition of GQ Magazine the star of Spider Man revealed that his daddy Dominic was worried that dressing up as Rihanna during his now iconic performance on the TV show Lip Sync Battle was too much of a risk to his Hollywood career. 

Tom Holland Blue Suit and Brown Shoes

Feb 2021 - Tom posing with hands in his pockets giving blue steel on the blue carpet. Wear a dark navy suit, shiny brown shoes and a cashmere grey jumper. Picture taken from the Onward premiere at London's Curzon Theatre in Mayfair. Image - GettyImages. 

Tom tells how he was asked to call his own agent and tell them he was going to cancel his appearance on the show: 

Speaking with GQ, Tom says:

“My dad always taught me when I was younger and coming up in the business that you want to get famous as slowly as possible,” 

“You don’t want to get super famous tomorrow, because you won’t be able to handle it. It will ruin your life.

“I am very selective of who I talk to and what I do. I don’t ever want to overexpose myself, because my privacy is the last thing I own."

Tom Holland in Drag

Tom Holland on Lip Sync Battle dressed in full sexy drag. Image: © Comedy Central/YouTube. The clip has been viewed almost 80 million times on Youtube alone! 

Overexpose? Surely not in fishnets and latex? Poor lad went on to say how stressed he was over the whole thing. He continued:

Look, I am really glad I did that show and I had a lot of fun,” 

“It was incredibly stressful. It has been incredibly successful and has been a really great thing for my career.”

Sexy Tom Bulge

There's no doubt that the pint-sized Brit is a total sex symbol. Want to see him in grey sweat pants

Tom Holland Bulge Grey Sweatpants

Tom Holland shows off a subtle bulge wearing some loose grey sweat pants / jogging bottoms after landing on a flight in South Korea with co-star Jake Gyllenhall. Image Getty/Wire.


Jump onto Google and you'll find plenty a picture wearing his Spiderman Suit, or if you want to watch TH's gymnastic, dancing and entertaining skills the video to Lip Sync Battle is below. 


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