Tom Holland Loves a Thong

Tom holland in pool 

We're not sure spiders and water make a good match - Tom takes a dip.


It’s fairly obvious that the world is clearly obsessed with Tom Holland right now. The new Spiderman movie has hit the box office zeitgeist and single-handedly rejuvenated the international cinema-going industry taking in a nearly $2 BILLON at time of writing.



Spiderman: No Way Home is a GINORMOUS hit and whilst the movie industry was in dire need of a blockbuster to get audiences back into the theatre after the sector was decimated by the pandemic, no-one expected it to be as massive as it has been.


Spidey squirt


Quite a bit of time has passed since it was released so it’s no secret that it’s a multi-Spidey affair but it’s Tom Holland leading the way (home) and he doesn’t disappoint. He’s the twink that even the twinks fancy and with this latest bit of info, he just got a whole load sexier.


tom holland on IG

Sleepy boy - Tom takes a nap in his hotel room on IG


In a recent interview on Graham Norton’s BBC1 talk show, that other hot superhero actor Henry Cavill, they were discussing what they wear underneath their skin tight suits. Without prompting, Tom pipes up and said that he wore a thong underneath his Spidey suit and that he loves it!



We are very much here tor Tom in a thong. His tight muscles bod would look perfect in a thong holding in a good bulge at the front and revealing his hard muscled cheeks at the back. With his cheeky grin and perfect abs, we can only drool and wish we were Zendaya (not for the first time).


Uncharted waters


He’s on our big screens again this week as he’s starring in ANOTHER giant flick, Uncharted alongside stone cold zaddy, Mark Wahlberg who has always been a big thicc hottie with bulging muscles and big D energy.


still from uncharted movie

Tom and Mark having a barney in Uncharted 'No, I'M the sexiest!'


Even though it’s a computer game movie, which don’t have great reputation, we are hoping to get more Tomb Raider than Prince of Persia. The movie opened up this weekend with a massive $44 million so it’s clear, video game adaptation or no, we can’t get enough of Tom.


It's-a-me, Tom!


There has been a multitude of video game movies over the years from Doom to Resident Evil but it was Detective Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog that changed all the bad luck with some great box office return and Sonic 2 out this year. Hopes are also high for the new Super Mario Bros movie which is starring another hottie, Chris Pratt as the moustached plumber himself, all done by the same people that do the Despicable Me and Sing series.

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