- Sexiest Men on the London Underwear

Candid Paparazzi photos of men on the London Tube. Let's take a look at Tube Crush.  

What is TubeCrush?

Put simply, is / was a website blog where users either publicly or anonymously under a pseudonym could upload photos of hot men they bumped into on the London Underwear. 

Affectionately referred to as the Tube by Londoners the mass transit system with 270 stations and 11 separates lines the Underground is a huge and busy public transport system. 

Naturally, wherever you have so many people from all corners of London and the world coming and going from their daily business, you're going to spot some mighty fine men. Some blokes might be on their way to a date, making their passage home from a football game, commonly going to and from work or jumping on board to head to the gym.

With such a throng of diverse guys boarding the train carriages left, right and centre if you bother to look up there are plenty of catwalk worthy men dressed in business suits, sports kits and jogging bottoms / sweat pants, some of those men were photographed and some of those photos ended up on the website Tube Crush. 


When Did The Men Appear?

It all started so 'innocently' a few days after Valentines Day on 17th February 2011. 

You could be forgiven for thinking 'Gazing Beauty' is a bestselling title by author Jackie Collins but alas no, it's the title for the first picture post on the website Tube Crush


Man on Tubecrush Website.

Above image is the first posted to Tube Crush. It shows a handsome man stood at the back of a train carriage leaning on a standing stool looking or as the user wrote 'gazing' out of the window. 
Dressed in loose fitting (it was 10 years ago) dark jeans, a tight white round neck t-shirt and a crumped light open shirt over the top this beautiful guy looks like he could be headed to Central London to meet up with some friends. We think he looks like a little like the American Actor Paul Walker from the Fast & Furious movie franchise. Image credit Sparrow /


It was a user calling themselves Sparrow who uploaded the above picture which was probably taken on a BlackBerry Bold in 2011 which started the whole blog.

Sparrow gave the picture a caption following a basic format which seems to have stuck stating the date, which line he was travelling on, incidentally the Northern Line and their own thoughts on the image:

"Just where is this gorgeous guy staring? If only he would look our way for just a minute, that is all it would take to satisfy our crush."

Well Sparrow, we don't know where he is staring, but considered you're likely underground and the outside of the window is only a dark tunnel he's probably not looking at much of interest, unless of course, he's looking at his own reflection!


Mens Black Fleece Joggers


Here is an image of an aesthetically pleasing young chap sitting on the Tube in a very relaxed manner. Like most sat on the train he has his phone in is hand and headphones in his ears.

This guy is wearing the ultimate chilled attire & Nike Jordaned up from head to toe. Apart from the black fleece joggers, who knows where they’re from – they look an awful lot like our Box Menswear joggers.

Delamere wrote “When a hot guy is wearing tracksuit bottoms we just can’t resist. Oh to be that rucksack between his legs!”

All fair comments and valid points in our opinion. We’re suckers for hot guys in joggers. So, crack on Delemere, keep images like this coming.

This sexy guy is sitting in the typical man open legs slouch position. Looking at his phone very intently – our guess is that he is scrolling through twitter reading up on the latest sports news, but who knows.


Sports Shorts TubeCrush

This shot shows a very tall, very athletic looking man with headphones on who is sat reading what appears to be a magazine.

All signs point towards this guy being a serious fitness fellow. From the practical looking watch and extremely tones physic that is showing through this tight fit t-shirt right down to his sports shorts. Our guess is that he uses those long legs to cover some serious ground whilst running. And may we add, how refreshing to see a young man reading from paper rather than an electronic device.

Submitted by @TimmyLDN who says “This mellow yellow fellow is quite the summer treat. Handsome and packed like a suitcase. Clearly he’s got the muscles going on too. Swoon…”

At least in this case @TimmyLDN didn’t have that fear of being caught with the volume being left on his camera. Those headphones look like they’re blocking out all disturbances. We wonder how he’d feel knowing someone is taking his picture…


Man In Leggings On TubeCrsuh

Post number 17 shows an image of a young man dressed head to toe in black Nike workout clothes. Curled over with his head leaning into his clenched fist this guy looks extremely lethargic.

This gorgeous guy is wearing mens black leggings and a black half zip workout long sleeved top. There’s no question where he’s en route too, straight to bed! The large piece you can very clearly see through his leggings indicate that he’s having a very naughty dream, perhaps it will continue when he gets back to his place…

Jred points out that “This sporty chap is sporting more than just his Nike running gear. He must have been exercising hard! Whilst Lycra is great at keeping the cold out it’s an unfortunate choice of clothes for an involuntary erection on the northern line.”

Uh oh… this fine ass man looks somewhat distressed about something. Either that or he’s falling asleep due to a combination of tiredness from all the working out and the relaxing motion of the Tube. And of course, a different type of headphones yet again, clearly airpods hadn’t been invented at this point.


Is It Moral / Immoral? 

 As you can imagine, this website sparks up a fair amount of controversy. Some may see the website as a very flattering platform to admire hot guys around London. I mean, who wouldn’t see it as a compliment to be posted as a ‘Tube Crush’? Surely there’s no harm in sending a nice picture to an extremely complimentary website of someone that you obviously find attractive.

 This is one opinion, but there is also the perspective of this website being extremely derogatory towards men. Does it objectify them? Understandably, some people might not like the idea of being papped when they’re simply trying to get from A to B. Can’t a good-looking guy go about his day without having to worry that there’s a secret admirer lurking at the bottom of the carriage just waiting to get the perfect sexy shot of him?! I suppose it just depends on what direction your moral compass is pointing at.

Here at Box, we certainly don’t think it’s offensive. In fact, it’s a huge compliment and we very much so love having a scroll through the latest eye candy of London. So, we’re giving Tube Crush a thumbs up!



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