Turbo Dick Scotty T Returns to Geordie Shore

MTV Geordie Shore royalty Scotty T is set to return to hit series for its 10th Birthday. 

Geordie Shore Scotty T

Geordie Shore is 10 years old!

Incredible as it may seem, the MTV show which was born out of the US show Jersey Shore is now 10 years old. 

Having long outlived their American cousins who famously filmed on the US East Coast beach resort, Geordie Shore revolving mainly around the city of Newcastle, England is teeing up for its 22nd series and 10th birthday. Whereas the OG's Jersey Shore made just 6 series over a period of 3 years. 

Scotty T naked bum with Gaz Beadle in grey sweatpants.

Picture below taken from Geordie Shore showing Scotty T get his naked ass out in front of fellow Geordie Gaz Beadle. Whilst Scott may be a self proclaimed 'turbo dick' Gaz is well known for his big penis. He's been quoted as saying it's bigger than a Sky TV remove and his bulge has also been referred to as the Parsnip due to its size and shape.  Image copyright MTV UK. 

The British version of the show is a worldwide export for MTV having filmed series in Sydney, Australia, the party city of Magaluf in Mallorca, Spain as well as famously filming series of in Cancun, Mexico. 

The super-hit show for MTV has a long and complex history, as do its cast members, luckily, there's an army of wiki writers who helped us with this piece. 

Scott returning to Geordie Shore? 

Well it looks like it could happen. With the show turning 10 years old in 2021 it's been widely reported that a special series of the show will be filmed in Colombia. 

Why wouldn't Timlin return, he's a true fan favourite with some excellent one-liners, like: "I grill more birds than George Forman."

Scotty T best one liners and quotes

Image above from Geordie Shore. Credit MTV UK. 

Who is Scotty T? 

Scott Timlin or Scotty T as he became commonly known by is one of the Geordie cast members / house mates. 

The 6ft 3" (192cm) tall blond lad first entered the Geordie Shore House in season 4, filming in 2012. He stayed with the show all the way through until 2019 with the show running into its 15th on air series. 

Scott loves to show off. The below images were leaked via his own Instagram showing his big bulge in a pair of pink boxers. 

Scotty T Bulge in pink boxer shorts

Famous for his looks, physique and aqua blue eyes Scott made several guests appearances back on the Viacom show. 

Despite what you might see on his Twitter, Scott is not an MBE which is an award / status handed out to those who have contributed to society by the British Monarchy. 

Scotty T Twitter - MBE

Above is a screenshot image of the TV stars official Twitter page. Whilst Scott is verified by Twitter, he is most certainly not an MBE, CBE or Sir. Also Scott has renamed his Turbo Dick as Techno Dick. 

Celebrity Big Brother

In 2016 the crooner surprised everyone when he was announced as an original housemate this time in the Celebrity Big Brother House. 

Scotty T wins celebrity big brother, London England. Wearing a black suit and tie.

Scotty T is crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother at Elstree Studios on February 5, 2016 in Borehamwood, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Following in the footsteps of fellow Geordie Charlotte Crosby (who won series 12), on a 5th January 2016 Scott walked out onto the CBB stage to be greeted by host Rylan Clark. 

Scott who was a favourite from the start was like Charlotte before him crowned winner of his series (17) a few weeks later. 

Others from the show followed Timlin into the Channel 5 show, including Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry, however, neither proved as popular and failed to win the show. 

During the all-celebrity reality show, Scott stripped naked more than once. In a now infamous scene whilst taking a shower, fellow house-mate Tiffany Pollard worked her way in for a chat. At first covering his dick, but with Pollard soon asking 'let me see it Scotty' Scott then moved his hands and began to shake his penis showing Tiff to which she exclaimed, loud enough for others to hear:

"Oh Scotty! Thank you! It's so nice! It's luscious! Oh Scotty, it's so nice. Oh Scotty, oh my gosh, I know what I'll be dreaming about."

Scotty T and Jeremy McConnell Bromance

It was during his victorious appearance on the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother that viewers were able to watch a beautiful bromance (a close but non-sexual relationship between two men) develop. Whilst there might not have been any sex per say, there was definitely some contact. Scroll down for more pictures of the guy on guy kissing. 

Scotty T and Jeremy McConnell touch before kissing.

Above shows tender moment before the pair share an on-screen kiss. Below a little later the pair lock lips for a passionate kiss. Why the boys were donning sweat bands and feather bowers is unknown, but likely part of a task. The kiss however, was all natural. Both image credits Channel 5. 

CBB Scott and Jeremy Kissing.

The apple of Scott's eye was fellow reality star and equally lofty Jeremy McConnell who first found fame on another MTV reality show the short lived Beauty School Cop Outs. Jez's show was a one series wonder but it was the first on screen appearance of the now household name Scarlett Moffat, long before she first appeared on Gogglebox. 

Jeremy McConnell and Scotty T in a bubble bath together

Scotty T bulge in wet grey boxers

Above 2 more pictures documenting the love affair between the blond and brunette. Top shows the boys taking a straight guy bubble bath together (why not) chatting over the musings of the week in the CBB house. Second from top picture has Jezza catching Scott in a scene reminiscent of Swan Lake in a swimming pool. Tiffany Pollard can be seen laughing the background as she glimpses the half naked boys play. Image credits Channel 5. 


Turbo Dick, His Bulge & now Only Fans

Scott doesn't hold back when it comes to his manhood, so much so in recent years like a whole host of Instagram stars the big lad has turned to Only Fans as an income. 

Scotty T nude in bathroom covering his dick with a towel

Above is a teaser from social media. Showing his impressive nude body the Geordie gives a glimpse to his followers on what they can see on his OnlyFans private site.


How much money is he making from selling porn videos and pictures? Well we're not entirely sure, but, it's a lot. How do we know, well the man himself tweets that he's either in the top 0.2% or 0.3% of all 'creators', with some estimations meaning he could be earning as much as $80,000 a month on Only Fans. 

Scotty T covered nude from Only Fans subbed

Curly hair don't care. Another naked picture of Scotty T above. On his Twitter profile, followers are promised 'Daily XXX posts' and 'Full Frontals'. Worth £15? You tell us. 



Image credits Scotty T Instagram / Twitter, MTV UK, Getty Images.

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