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Yesterday we launched our Halloween week here at BOX HQ. We started the week off with with a head to head battle between our very own Box favourite, Jack and Jigsaw (from the movie Saw.) With games happening on our Instagram live everyday until halloween, prizes given and competitions running, as well as our Trick or Treat messenger game where you can win up to £100 to spend on BOX goodies. How good are we to you all?

Play the Trick Or Treat Game HERE.*

Day One of our halloween week saw the two competitors battling to win our very own BOX Apple Bobbing competition. The looser would be drenched with cold water... Ouch!

box menswear competition

Rules of the game was simple. They have 5 minutes to get all the apples out of the water and into the bucket. The person who finished first in the time given WON! The looser would be drenched with the remaining water in the bucket (with the help of our BOX team of course)

box menswear

Jigsaw wore our Black classic BOX Boxer shorts and Jack supported our Colours by Box Red boxer shorts... who knows by the end of the week we might have them in a Jockstrap. Hands up who would want to see Jigsaw in a Jockstrap?🙋‍♂

The game got off to a slow start, but Jack nocked his apples out of the bucket in record time... Leaving Jigsaw to loose and face the forfeit. Sorry!🙈

We entered everyone who commented on the live video saying Jack would win into a prizes draw and randomly selected a winner to win £20 BOX voucher! Well done to @oggyhull who was yesterdays winner!

box menswear halloween

Tune in today at 3pm for our next game of Jack vs Jigsaw. Even more £20 vouchers will be given away today for the viewers.. so head to our Instagram and get viewing, voting and playing!


*playing the game will subscribe you to our messenger list. Where you will receive VIP offers, discounts and exclusive images, only for our subscribers!

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