We Heart Jamie Tartt

Jamie tartt hair band blue top

Even Jamie's eyebrow has a go faster stripe (pic Ted Lasso/Apple +) 


Jamie Tartt do-do-do-do-duh-do (sung to the tune of Baby Shark) will mean a lot to anyone who has seen Apple + breakout hit Ted Lasso and we are big fans of the character for more than one reason. He’s hot and he’s the show’s ‘villain’ initially but with a bullying violent father, it’s easy to feel empathy for the character.


Tartt with a heart


Sometimes a character is acted and scripted so excellently that it’s almost impossible to separate the actor from the role. With Phil Dunster who places Jamie Tartt on Ted Lasso, they couldn’t be more different. When it comes to his hot bod, bulging footie shorts and hard muscles, of course that’s ALL him but the rest? Not so much.


ted lasso jamie tartt blakc top

Smouldering on the pitch like his life depends - (pic Ted Lasso/Apple +) 


30-year-old Phil is actually quite a lot different. He doesn’t have Tartt’s thick accent for a start and whereas the character is a bully, arrogant and a womaniser, Duster couldn’t be more different. Speaking about how the show challenges toxic masculinity, Dunster says:


Different strokes 


“We need to see it reflected in the things we’re watching and the art we’re taking in. We need to see kindness and we need to see empathy and compassion. That’s something we need to see in leadership as well. One of the alchemies that makes the show great is that you’ve got this person who is trying to redefine what leadership looks like. It’s not about the wins and losses, it’s about making these gentlemen the best men they can be.”


ted lasso jamie tartts actor

Giving it face face face - Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt - (pic Ted Lasso/Apple +) 


One thing footballers are known for is style, for good of for bad. We, of course, love a fit footballer but playing dress up as one must be even more fun! Dunster said of the costuming:


“I’m living out my teenage dream in that hairstyle and the eyebrow. The eyebrow was cooked up between Nicky Austin, the makeup designer, and myself. It’s a sort of hallmark of what you have when you’re young — it’s a cool, cool thing, like a bad-boy thing to have. I always asked my mom if I could have it but she was like, “No,” and I was like, “Can I have frosted tips?” She was like, “No,” and I was like, “Well, I need to rebel now.” I think it’s quite a ubiquitous thing for a lot of footballers in the U.K. and across the world — it’s like a “go faster” stripe.”


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