Weatherman Alex Beresford Turns Up The Heat

alex beresford topless in shorts

Man of the moment - Alex is no stranger to a thirst trap. Pic: Instagram


Proving he’s more than just a warm front, Good Morning Britain’s Alex Beresford has been the name on everyone’s lips after making international news by arguing with Piers Morgan, causing him to dramatically storm off and quit his job.



Piers Morgan is an internationally well-known celebrity and journalist having anchored shows on both sides of the Atlantic. He has very publicly expressed his displeasure about the internet-breaking interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey. You might have missed it if you’ve been living under a rock or perhaps vacationing on Saturn.


Shock exit


After allegedly getting snubbed by Markle many moons ago, Morgan couldn’t really contain his bruised male ego so erupted after the televised interview on more than one occasion claiming she was lying about of number of things. Meghan herself put a complaint into ITV which was joined by about 41k other people who also registered their unhappiness with his outburst.


Alex Beresford topless with ball and swim shorts

Alex is never afraid to show us just how hot... the weather is.


Cut to the next day when Morgan got into a heated debate with hot weatherman Alex Beresford and suddenly it all changed. As a mixed-race man himself he took umbrage at Piers’ comments about Meghan’s alleged issues with the royal family on race. In a fit of pique worthy of a trashy late-night talk show rather than a serious morning broadcast, he unceremoniously stormed off the live set.


Pastures new


It didn’t even seem like as irate an argument as Piers has had previously on the program so viewers were confused to say the least. He was however, Meghan and Harry’s greatest detractor and that walk off was for keeps.



Beresford had clearly hit a nerve with Morgan and suddenly he hit the big time concurrently. With calls for him to come to America from the likes of Oprah and Beyoncé’s mum, it looks like there’s a whole new world opening up for Alex.


alex beresford on his 40th with balloons and fake paper

Showing your age. Alex says it's time for the big balloons.


The 40-year-old has been proving that age ain’t nothing but a number on his Instagram with some very hot shots showing his tight abs and killer pecs. No wonder the Americans want him for themselves! The things is, it looks like he might just be up for going.



Reports say that he wants to ship his sexy ass over to the States to be their next big news star. Word on the street is that he has major lucrative deals on the table and well as a book offer. Either way, as long as he keeps putting up thirst traps on socials we’re going to remain firm fans.


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