Welsh Bulge On Aisle 10!

Eurgh, this year has given us one of the biggest rollercoasters of emotions and I’m sorry to mention that dreaded pandemic phrase we have all come to hate, Covid-19! In England and across the globe, we had the thrills and spills of living at home for months on end in our pants and little else. 

The office casual clothing or the slick suit dress attire has made way for boxers, trunks, briefs and jocks with a two day old T-shirt added for those colder working from home days. This is the new normal for millions of people around the world embracing technology to work from home in these strange times!

Since earlier on in the year the UK has found some older norms and people returning back to work. However as the winter draws in Covid-19 has caused restriction to increase and more so for our Welsh friends.

Wales has gone in a full firebreak lockdown causing the whole of the country to face measures that we faced earlier in the year. Additionally, the Welsh government have added some strange new rules in that the essential shops that are allowed to open can sell only essential items. Essential items include things like tobacco, booze and a whole host of things to get them through this next mini lockdown. However, strangely clothing has not been allowed to be sold due to not being classed as an essential product, yes really! So you can buy a bottle of wine but underwear isn’t allowed? 

Large essential stores have closed off aisles and wrapped racks of clothes up in plastic to prevent people from purchasing these things. I’m pretty sure pants and underwear to me are essential!

One hot Welsh lad, Christopher Noden, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Welsh Man with large bulge in boxers

Credit: Dawn Noden

Not only did the Welsh hunk parade his extremely large package, he shown us his tight arse also:

Welsh man shows us his arse

Credit: Dawn Noden

Like a sexy warrior heading for battle, Christopher Noden, headed into Newport Tesco bare chested and only a tight little pair of boxers to cover his large bulge. As Tesco decided not to allow sales of clothing or underwear deeming these items not to be essential, our good friend in our minds had the right to purchase whatever he liked in anything he desired! 

This protest was short lived as Tesco security decided it was essential for him to be fully dressed in-store but in contradiction to not allowing the sale of clothing and he was escorted to the nearest exit.

We have learned several things from this one well endowed man's protest, the government has no idea what is going on, we hope to see more sexy men in briefs taken to the stores and that we resume normal life sooner rather than later.

One thing to add, shame he didn’t take note that boxers were also classed as non-essential in Tesco’s and the government's eyes, he should have gone to the store in his birthday suit!

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