We've got tops down to a tee - our T-Shirt debuts

You asked, we listened and we delivered. We started by making waves in the underwear game whilst perfecting our craft throughout the process and also adding new innovations such as our king fit and unique designs. It's only natural that we take things to the next level and take it from bottom to top. Throughout the past year or two we have received hundreds upon hundreds messages spread from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all asking the same question; where are the tops? We've got you. 

As you know, we absolutely love doing that little bit more for all of our customers we aren't just giving you one Tee design, we're giving you SEVEN! How's that for size? No pun intended. 

All of the T-shirts feature a super soft regular comfort fit tee which achieves the perfect balance between a t-shirt that isn't too tight or baggy. Our special comfort fit technology we've spent a lot of time perfecting is able to fit any form perfectly without compromising super-soft comfort and everything inside the tops so no labels to cause discomfort and irritation! What we really aim to achieve from this is take the t-shirt to the next level and re-imagine an item of clothing people overlook as basic and just a plain essential to something the wearer is excited to put on and flaunt in the streets. 

So with all design technology behind another priority when building the perfect t-shirt was to ensure it was as eco-friendly as possible as when we studied competitors products and other successful brands tees we couldn't help but notice the horrible amount of excess plastic packaging. It's 2019 and both designers and consumers really need to step up in helping our suffering environment. Did you know that as of now there is an estimated 8 million metric tonnes of plastic in our ocean right now? Even if you take a "we don't live in the ocean stance" maybe it will concern you that 70% of the oxygen on earth comes from marine plants. Truly terrifying facts such as that made us feel it was our responsibility as a clothing brand to ensure that we make these t-shirts in eco friendly ways that protect our planet. 

All of the packaging we use is 100% recyclable from the paper to the box we put the t-shirt in. We didn't stop at the packaging though as the tee itself is one hundred percent free of both plastic and polyester. So all in all all of our t-shirts are a truly guilt free purchase.

Now we've established all of that we proudly unveil our first Seven  debut t-shirt designs 


Scripture Logo Tee

Features a classic Scripture logo has the versatility to look amazing on the streets and on date night. A casual luxe that fails to look out of place anywhere; a true wardrobe staple for the modern man. Also with the scripture being placed centre this t-shirt looks great underneath an open coat, jacket or even blazer so you can rep any kind of look along with Box Menswear.

Union Box Tee 

With a small Box Menswear Scripture text and Union Jack directly centred beneath it's hard to deny that this T-shirt denotes class. This T-Shirt is perfect for those days where you just feel that extra bit patriotic or maybe want to pay tribute to the heritage of BOX Menswear based Liverpool and London respectively. The British flag has been a fashion statement for as long as popular culture can remember from Alexander Mcqueen runways to the spice girls. This T-shirt just exerts that British elegance that no matter where you're from looks amazing.


Large Logo Tee

 This one is for the bold man who walks amongst us, the man who isn't afraid to be noticed and more importantly wants the world to know his taste in good brands. With the stripes at the side complimenting the big logo really stream- lining the body and making the body look good in all the right places this is a T-shirt that would make anyone a 10/10.


Logo Overlay Tee

The ultimate night out shirt? Listen we may be slightly biased here but we truly think so. Amazing unique logo overlay graphic print which really aligns with the streetwear trend popular right now this tee shirt is worn best anywhere by anyone. Honestly with a t-shirt this good the wearer is bound to look good too.  A statement piece which isn't overbearing that is bound to have all eyes on you for all the right reasons.



"While You're Down There" Tee

This is a super unique design and a raunchy one at that. The design features a reversible slogan on the back of the T-Shirt that reads "Whilst You're Down There" which is sure to humour whoever is lucky enough to be in the position to read it. So if you were to buy this shirt and end up in that situation 


Small Logo

The Small Logo tee is an undisputed classic. With the striped sleeves this T-Shirt attains a classy yet sporty look which is excellent for casual every day wear and the stripes compliment of the t-shirt amazingly making any body type look its best. When designing this t-shirt we wanted something that was classical but fit the brands ethos of really accentuating the male form and making it look it's very best. This is your new favourite everyday tee as far as we're concerned.


"Call The Cops" Tee

The ultimate night out shirt? Listen we may be slightly biased here but we truly think so. With a funny slogan that will most likely match your state at the time of wearing a sure fire conversation starter. When this tee shirt works in your favour on an outing just thank us later.


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